Partnering with women to create change

Founded on the belief in the capacity of women to be architects of change, SheChanges is all about creating the space for women to listen to and honor their instincts. It is a catalyst for women to take themselves—their lives, their organizations, their thoughts and experiences of the world—more seriously.

At the heart of SheChanges is Lael Couper Jepson, a seasoned boat rocker and a trusted guide who rides shotgun with women as they bring their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives to the foreground, their visions to fruition, and their impact to the moon. Women are drawn to SheChanges because the secret sauce resonates deeply with them, and invites them to keep it real, get to the heart of the matter, and be slightly irreverent in the process.

Contributing A Verse

September 10, 2014

Four weeks ago, I sat in a stale-smelling, artificially-lit waiting area of Maine Medical center. It was 6:30 am and my first-born child had just been wheeled into surgery. First child. First surgery. I was told – first patently, then patronizingly – that I had “no reason” to worry. The arrogant and emotionally-stunted – albeit brilliant, or so I was told repeatedly – surgeon insisted […]

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  • February 7

    Mustang Sallies

    This three-hour event on a Saturday morning offers women like you a creative space to deeply listen to your desire(s), plug into what is most important to you, and ignite a spark that inspires action. With tools, resources, art-making and movement - it's good fuel for change. More information

  • March 10

    In Her Words

    This popular five-week writing experience is perfect for the woman who typically finds her truth, wisdom, and guidance on the written page...but has been avoiding it. No writing experience necessary and no need to live in Maine - it's all done over the phone. More information

  • Sometime in April...

    Her Mojo: A Benefit Dance for Women

    I'm hatching a plan to host another HerMojo...this time to benefit Coastal Studies for Girls, a semester-long science and leadership school for tenth-grade girls on the coast of Maine. Stay tuned for details! More information

  • December 4

    SheSpeaks: Swagger

    Wondering what happened to SheSpeaks? I recently made aHUGE decisionto take a year hiatus from this ever-popular evening of women's storytelling so I can more fully channel my creative energies into writing my book. Hard, but right. Write. I'm happy to say that my book is almost done (or in my editor's gifted hands!). I'll be back next December with another, so save the date! More information

Inside My Creative Bubble

I recently made a series of disruptive decisions for me and my business designed to support one outcome: write a book. You can read more about the specifics of those decisions in my most recent blog post, but it involves me going off-line (and off stage) more for a spell so I can give birth to these words that have been living inside me. So beyond working one-on-one with my clients and my groups, that's where I'll be hanging out.

Maine Today Interview

Had a blast being interviewed by Shannon Bryan of Maine Today as part of her article about my December SheSpeaks event. Smouldering, fuel, and combustion, oh my!

SheChanges has a new home!

My new office is located right in the heart of the Old Port on Fore Street. I call it my Pirate Ship... check it out.