Partnering with women to create change

I used to think I was alone.
I used to think I was “too much” for people to handle.
Except when I felt “not enough”—like I needed to prove myself.
It was all quite exhausting.

Now I know that what makes me stand out is the very medicine I am here to bring.
And when I pause, I am actually re-connecting to my humility and my humanity.
Before moving forward boldly.

This is my place of power as a woman.
And now is the time to use it.
I am not alone, and I know it.
I’m part of a larger revolution happening.
One led by women like you and me.

My name is Lael.
Want to join me?

Pebbles In My Shoe

July 7, 2018

Someone once wrote about me in an interview, observing that “it seems she never stops thinking, considering, fitting pieces together.” That woman got me, she did. She described how I move (“she talks with her hands and her arms, radiating exuberance…”) and didn’t seem surprised to learn that I was always writing in my head, jotting down notes to myself mid-sentence and had my next […]

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October 20

Wolfpack: A Think Tank For Feral Women

I’ve been piloting a new concept and it’s gaining some traction. This three-hour salon-type gathering is intended to offer a small group of big women the space to explore our perspectives and literally “map” what we see and feel—interconnections, intersections + reinforcing loops.  The idea is not to “solve” any one particular problem but to illuminate a larger “web” of understanding as a means to create clarity (and inform action). The fall Wolfpack is nearly full, but let me know if you want to play, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.   More information.

November 8

On Being A Woman

Seats are already being filled for this popular five-month group for women looking to sit with themselves—and some other kindred spirits—through the dark of winter. With a different topic to chew on each month, this experience invites women to explore and define for themselves what it means to be woman. Today. In your way, on your terms. If you have your eye on participating in this, it would be great to hear from you now as there are only a few seats left.
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December 6 + 7

SheSpeaks: Sovereign

It’s back—and this time it’s bigger than ever. For the first time in the history of offering SheSpeaks, my annual evening of women’s storytelling, I will be expanding it to a series—ONE theme, TWO nights, and TEN different women telling stories that speak to the theme of “Sovereign”—that place of personal power and assuming the throne of your life. I’m super excited about this, as are the speakers that will be joining me on stage this year! Save the date(s) now if you want to attend, and look for the tickets to go on sale sometime this fall.
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Instagram is where I’m hanging out the most these days on social media, so please feel free to follow me there if that’s your preferred beat. For Facebook fans, know that most of my posts from Instagram are posted on my page as well, so you won’t miss out!

A Look Inside Unscripted With Lael

It’s been nearly two years since the release of my first book Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer. As I shift my energy to completing my second book, I took a quiet moment to honor the process and the woman I was “back then” by compiling this video story from an interview I did. Copies of my books are available locally in Portland, Maine and are also sold on most on-line booksellers.

Maine Women’s Magazine Interview

I was so honored to be featured in the March issue of Maine Women's Magazine on "Women Who Inspire". The writer described me as bumping up against a live wire. I'll take that.

My Telltale Story at Soundbites

In October 2016, I was invited to be one of five speakers to take the stage at the Frontier Cafe in Brunswick as part of the Soundbites Series. The theme was "telltale" and I had a blast. The videos are out now if you'd like to see for yourself. Here it is!

An Unscripted Woman Podcast

Creating a podcast has been on my list to do for years, and I finally made it happen. It's my quick and easy creative response to the requests to hear me speak ("riff") more and to have an audio version of my book available. While I'll be taking a brief hiatus from this spring/summer while I write my book, there are plenty episodes out there to dip into and I'll be back with more this fall! Check it out!