Partnering with women to create change

Can you imagine what our world would be like if women could bring their full gifts to bear?

If we are blazing trails now, can you even imagine what would be possible if more of us created from a place of....freedom? Without the need to explain, apologize, justify, get permission, negotiate or twist ourselves into a pretzel at every blessed turn in the road?

My name is Lael, and I want to live in that world sooner than later.

And that, my friend, is why I created SheChanges. It's all about change powered by women—individually and collectively—to lead us toward that future.

I help women to move forward on their own terms and in their own way—boldly, unapologetically, and with a great deal of intention.

My work is designed to support badass women like you in finding the crack in the matrix, a wrinkle in time, and your very own platform 9 3/4 to help inspire and move you—and then all of us—to action. Not by becoming someone you're not—but by embodying more of who you already are. Naturally.

If you've found your way here, rest assured you're no longer alone. You're in really good company, actually.

So welcome aboard, woman. Let's ride.

The Stories You Might Have Missed—Or Want Again

May 30, 2019

Last year, on the underground of London, I saw something that made me stop in my tracks. When the doors opened to Euston station, there it was….the EXACT reason I hold my SheSpeaks women’s storytelling series each year. And then, as quickly as it registered in my brain, the doors shut and we were off—in the underground again. I’ll never forget that moment as long […]

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The Release of My Second Book!

I’ve pulled out all the stops in my second book, and I can’t wait to put it into your hands! It’s entitled Ignite: Lighting The Leader Fire, and is all about intersecting what it means to be a leader with what it means to be a woman.  It’s a deeply personal exploration of my own story as a leader, but it’s also about pulling back the veil to look at how women create and move through change when no one is looking. This book is my fiery missive for more women to lead—on their own terms and in their own way.
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November 12

SheWolves: A Deeper Dive

For those women who have participated in my On Being A Woman circle in the past, this one’s for you! Modeled after that circle, women will gather one evening a month during the heart of winter to do a deeper dive into the topics that live beneath the surface of the ones we touched upon in that first experience—getting at rooting, medicine, the power of stories, intersectionality and working our magic. If you participated in my first circle and are looking to go in a bit deeper, please contact me to talk more—space is limited.
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November 14

On Being A Woman

This ever-popular 5-month women’s circle is back again this year to offer a small group of women the chance to gather—with themselves and each other—reflect, and fill their cups with conversation, inspiration and food for thought as we travel through the dark winter months. Perfect for the woman who is moving fast, curious to find some kindred spirits, or wants to bring more intention to how she is showing up and  moving through her life. There are only a few spaces left, so please contact me if you’re interested to see if this is a good fit.  More information.

My Second Book Is Powered By Women

I’ve just finished completely re-writing the manuscript for my second book and it’s now in it’s second round of editing for the month of August. A group of 25 women joined me at the end of July for the cover shoot (find me on Instagram to get a peek at those!) If all goes according to plan, this second book of mine will be released in mid-November. A big thanks to those of you who have supported me energetically and financially on this journey—the women of SheChanges are the lifeblood of this one. It’s not too late to be a part of it—just check out my GoFundMe to find out how. Let’s DO this, woman! 

My DisruptHR Talk on Why Women Leave

In June of 2019, I spoke at DisruptHR 2.0 in Portland, Maine—a storytelling event that’s all about generating energy and ideas around “the rebellious future of HR”. It was a powerhouse evening, and I was honored to take the stage as the final story of the line up that night. My talk was all about why women leave organizations—as well as the “secret code” that tells you they’re on the move—and my aim was to light it up by standing in the fire with the stories from my work with women. And yes, it was recorded. The videos are being released on the national DisruptHR site in August.  More information.

Have A Listen To My Second Book

I’ve just uploaded five new episodes on my Unscripted Woman podcast that offer a sneak peak, advance listen to what’s inside my second book, It Seems I’m Not Alone: Lighting The Leader Fire, due to be released late fall, 2019!  Check it out!

The Stories From SheSpeaks are Here!

Were you at SheSpeaks, my two-day storytelling series held in December of 2018? Don’t you wish you could hear the stories that were told on stage at SheSpeaks just ONE MORE TIME? Or were you not able to go to those two powerhouse evenings because you don’t live near Portland, Maine? For the first time ever, we have beautiful quality audio recordings of the ten speakers’ stories told over that two-day event—including my own stories—and they are all uploaded and ready for you to listen!
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Maine Women’s Magazine Interview

I was so honored to be featured in the March issue of Maine Women's Magazine on "Women Who Inspire". The writer described me as bumping up against a live wire. I'll take that.