Who is She?

She is Me, Lael.

Lael Couper JepsonA seasoned boat rocker and professional instigator of change, with a penchant for women’s leadership. I jumped ship in 2006 after eleven years as an organization development consultant and coach in the corporate world and founded SheChanges because I wanted to work with individuals, groups and organizations who share my impatience with the pace of change – people ready to buck the rules, challenge the status quo, and dare to create the change they want to see happen – ready or not. Truth be told, my mission is to start a revolution – one that leverages the power of women to re-imagine our world. Whether it’s meeting one-on-one, facilitating a group, speaking on stage or leading a weekend retreat, there is always a call to action embedded in my work, designed to inspire, ignite, and unleash the creativity, passion, and ingenuity I am convinced we carry inside ourselves.

 She is You.

The woman who is done waiting, is poised to make a leap, or is ready to consciously create the change you envision for yourself personally or professionally.  You are at or approaching a critical juncture in your life or in your business and want to be clear and confident in your choices.  You have the answers you seek, but you just can’t hear or see them clearly amid all the static in your life or the noise in the system.  You feel brave and courageous, but at times feel scared and alone. You trust your instincts and have faith you’re on the right path, but you have moments of doubt and confusion that can disorient you or throw you off course. You are independent and operate from a strong sense of self and an inner wisdom, but are craving a guide or someone to shotgun as you stay the course in turbulent waters.

She is Us.

The Secret SauceA community of women – and sometimes a few men – gathering to learn from and leverage each other. She is the archetypal feminine that is fierce, creative, and ripe with wisdom. She represents our collective voice, thoughts, concerns and actions.  She embodies the experience of women in workplace, in our communities, in our homes and in ourselves.  She is a place to be seen, to be heard, to be understood and to be taken seriously.  She is about change for women in the collective sense – about harnessing women’s voices and leveraging our ideas to create the change we want to see in our world(s).