An Unscripted Evening

An Unscripted Evening is essentially my version of a revival for heretics, misfits, rabble rousers and mavericks. Part storytelling, part improv, part book reading (not necessarily my own), this evening is me at my most real and authentic self.

It’s me: Unscripted.

Thursday, September 28th at 7:00

Ready to buy your ticket? Hold that thought! Advance tickets will be on sale shortly via Brown Paper Tickets. Not sure what this is? Read on and see how it feels….

Real and raw, humorous and gritty, this heart-centered informal event is designed to both illuminate and inspire brave souls like you who want to expand into more of who you are so that you show up in the world bigger, bolder and without apology. The sole intention of this evening is to create resonance — offering food for thought, frameworks of understanding, and rocket fuel energy to inspire you to honor, move, and act upon what it is you are being called to do and be in the world.

So if you’re feeling stuck, wondering if you’re crazy, or feeling alone….this evening is for you. Join me for 90-minutes and discover that you are none of those things…and instead are a revolutionary thinker simply having a very human moment.

Storytelling + Food for Thought + Space to Reflect 

At the core, this evening is an invitation to dig in with both hands into the confounding and complex conversations happening inside yourself around balance, leadership, wholeness, presence, fear, and change to get at the heart of what we desire:


Freedom from self-limiting beliefs that keep us small, explanations and disclaimers that water us down, hesitancy and second-guessing that hold us back, expectations that aren’t our own, old stories we continue to play out, judgement and jealousy that keep us disconnected, lies we tell ourselves to stay put, stereotypes that have us settle, wasted energy that drains our spirits, and apologies that diminish who we are and what we desire.

You can show up to this evening just as you are — no need to have read my book, know my work, or even know me. Nothing to think about or do in advance — you’ll have everything you need just by deciding to show up.

Please note: This event is not limited to women – all are welcome. Also there will most likely be some swearing, so heads up for sensitive or little ears! 

You with me? You want in? 

Thursday, September 28th 7:00-8:30 pm

First Universalist Church

97 Main Street
Yarmouth, Maine

Advance tickets will be available shortly ($15 via Brown Paper Tickets) or buy a ticket that evening at the door ($20 cash only). I’ll have copies of my book Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer available for sale that night for cash or check and will be happy to sign them!