How Big Your Brave Is

Posted July 30th, 2015

2015-07-24 13.49.26

Last week I played hookie with my two sons. We’d been planning it all week, so technically that might disqualify us from the official “hookie” category – you know the one that feels deliciously deviant, boldly spontaneous and wildly out of the ordinary. But still, we called it hookie. Our destination? Canobie Lake Park, an old school amusement park in New Hampshire that has some […]

Lie Detector

Posted June 12th, 2015

2015-06-09 19.39.00

Earlier this week I felt like crying. Truth be told, it wasn’t just a moment of feeling – it was actually two entire days of wanting to cry. The sky was crying on both of these days, with intermittent rain and clouds that were gray and swollen with precipitation wanting to fall to the ground. But me? I wasn’t allowed to rain. Because I had […]

Food For Thought: Your Worth

Posted June 10th, 2015

2015-06-03 14.47.09

This is the latest in a video series I’m calling “Food for Thought”, where I explore a topic that seems to be really present and relevant among the women I know – which includes me. Since posting this video on my YouTube Channel last week and hearing how it’s resonated with women in the SheChanges community, it seems like it’s a timely topic – one […]

My Next New Thing: Food For Thought

Posted June 3rd, 2015

2015-06-03 14.46.09

I am always so grateful when a period of intense introspection is rewarded by a sudden burst of inspiration. Argh…BOOM! Ahhhhh…. YES! It so good to get to the other side after walking over hot coals (which to be clear, means having myself sit still, “do” nothing, blow shit off, let the house look like a bomb went off in it, make space, get silent, […]


Posted May 29th, 2015


I went to a dance class earlier this week. I wasn’t supposed to. I was supposed to be working – you know, being productive – but for whatever reason I had an invitation from my friend land right into a patch of open time. And I couldn’t say no, even though I felt like I should. That invitation felt like a delicious cocktail of divine […]

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Posted May 19th, 2015

2015-05-15 13.26.05

I’ve never been a huge fan of Tom Petty, but maybe he had a point with this one…because in my book – and from what I see daily in  my clients’ worlds – the waiting IS most definitely the hardest part. You know what I’m talking about, right? You’ve made the ask. You’ve set the intention. You’ve said yes to the calling.You’ve cracked yourself – […]

Contributing A Verse

Posted September 10th, 2014

Contribute a verse

Four weeks ago, I sat in a stale-smelling, artificially-lit waiting area of Maine Medical center. It was 6:30 am and my first-born child had just been wheeled into surgery. First child. First surgery. I was told – first patently, then patronizingly – that I had “no reason” to worry. The arrogant and emotionally-stunted – albeit brilliant, or so I was told repeatedly – surgeon insisted […]

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