Catching & Releasing My Shame

Posted November 19th, 2015

2015-06-05 09.04.54

I’m going to tell you a story I could easily not tell. It’s a rather ugly story that reveals an unsavory part of my character. But I’ve decided to share it with you because here’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year: Shame can’t live outside me.  Holding onto it by keeping it inside me not only sours my joy, limits my expansiveness, and dampens my […]

Word Food

Posted October 8th, 2015

2015-10-08 09.17.53

I am a huge fan of words. I have often said that my idea of heaven is being alone in a bookstore with no sense of time, just being able to roam endlessly among all those words. Books are my happy worm holes. I have been known to spend days – weeks, sometimes months – with my face winced in something akin to physical pain […]

Yes, And…

Posted October 2nd, 2015


Earlier this summer I walked into a room at the Kripalu retreat center in the Berkshires and thought, “Oh shit…I don’t belong here.” One look around at the 108 women that had gathered for the REVEAL immersion weekend – an experience curated and led by Meggan Watterson that invited women to “embody the divine feminine” – and I broke out in a cold sweat, feeling like […]

Life In The Arena

Posted September 25th, 2015

Photo credit: Melissa Mullen Photography

My son and I sat on the couch last night and looked at the proof for the cover of my book. He nodded, and then got really quiet. I asked him why. “I’m afraid you’re going to get bullied.” I was speechless. His one comment touched on two raw nerves of mine: 1) the intense vulnerability I am feeling in releasing this book into the […]

Simply Love.

Posted September 11th, 2015

2013-12-11 13.15.54

The past two weeks have been hard. I’ve officially decided that the beginning of September is an annual shit storm no matter how I try and slice it. The air was sticky and suffocating. The noise and chaos of the kids returning to school reached high decibels and felt like it came out of nowhere – fast – even though we knew it was coming. We were bombarded with paperwork […]

How Big Your Brave Is

Posted July 30th, 2015

2015-07-24 13.49.26

Last week I played hookie with my two sons. We’d been planning it all week, so technically that might disqualify us from the official “hookie” category – you know the one that feels deliciously deviant, boldly spontaneous and wildly out of the ordinary. But still, we called it hookie. Our destination? Canobie Lake Park, an old school amusement park in New Hampshire that has some […]

Lie Detector

Posted June 12th, 2015

2015-06-09 19.39.00

Earlier this week I felt like crying. Truth be told, it wasn’t just a moment of feeling – it was actually two entire days of wanting to cry. The sky was crying on both of these days, with intermittent rain and clouds that were gray and swollen with precipitation wanting to fall to the ground. But me? I wasn’t allowed to rain. Because I had […]

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