We Can Do This, Ladies

Posted May 28th, 2008

Can you hear it? At first I thought it was my imagination or perhaps wishful thinking, but now I’m absolutely certain: it’s a rally cry. A call to the women of the world to move to action. I’m hearing it in so many different arenas – economic, political, spiritual, organizational. It gives me the impression of being in the bottom of a canyon, the way […]

Letting The Wind Be Your Ally

Posted May 1st, 2008

Years ago, I was introduced to the phrase “blowing the stink off” and it stuck with me. At the time, it was in reference to the engine of a car – getting it out on the highway and opening it up so that the gunk and grime that had accumulated from its around-town usage could be cleaned out of the system. The idea was to […]

In Praise of Leaves (of absence that is…)

Posted April 15th, 2008

Okay, so I kid you not, this was literally my first thought this morning as I lurched my tired body out of bed: “thank goodness for coffee!” Not “thank you” as all the countless books on gratitude have taught me…or even basic stuff like “what time is it?” None of that seemed relevant to my immediate needs. It was all about the coffee. I’ve developed […]

Watering the Plant of Feminism

Posted April 2nd, 2008

I just bought a plant today. It is this lovely, hearty looking succulent plant called a “ZZ”. The little card that came with it boasts, “this durable houseplant is an exceptional performer in low light and requires next to nothing in care.” It’s apparently bomb proof and seems to thrive on neglect. This concept has always appealed to me, particularly when it comes to houseplants. […]

The Underbelly of Women’s Culture

Posted March 21st, 2008

Two times this week I have facilitated a dialogue with women leaders on the topic of women working with other women. Specifically, we examined why it can be so difficult. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. However, what I’ve observed in both groups has me really intrigued and has given me the inspiration to keep this topic on the table with the women with which I […]

Standing buck naked in the light

Posted October 2nd, 2006

What is it about playing small that’s so seductive? To inspire myself, I’ve plastered the line from that famous quote of Maryann Williamson’s on the wall in my office, “your playing small doesn’t serve the world”. And yet still I battle the urge to shrink. So what is it? Habit? An issue of self-esteem? Laziness? Perhaps. Annoying? Definitely! Some days, I can spin myself in […]

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