The Right Hook of Physics

Posted October 12th, 2016


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about this amazing experience I had where I literally drew my intention with my whole body. My intention?  To be more luminous. I shared how I felt luminous as I embodied that word in the circle of women gathered that night. It was powerful and mysterious. Like magic. I felt like a High Priestess conjuring something from the depths […]

A Living Prayer: Embodying Intention

Posted September 30th, 2016


The woman’s word was “WORTH“, and I watched as she went first, embodying each letter of that word — her intention – with her body, spelling it first forwards and then retracing it backwards. I was her partner. My job was to witness her. It was an exercise, really — something we were asked to do as part of a ritual for a new moon Qoya […]

Mea Culpa

Posted September 20th, 2016


Did you know I’ve got a new podcast out? Yup! It’s called An Unscripted Woman and it’s available right now via SoundCloud – which means you can subscribe to it through your podcast app on your smart phone. Easy peasy. I started this as an experiment back in July this summer, and the response was really positive, so I’m back for more this September, as […]

Happy New Year

Posted September 16th, 2016


We were quite a sight that day, arriving at my youngest son’s elementary school for the annual “watermelon welcome”. A few people, seeing us hobble up the front walk, asked us if we had been in a car accident. No, we assured them, we’d just had a bit of a rough summer. My husband, having crushed his arm in an accident back in early July, had […]

Help: Given & Received

Posted August 2nd, 2016


July was a bit of a train wreck for our family. At first I thought it was just me, and I did my thing of quietly hunkering down to power through a rough patch that seemed to appear out of nowhere. But the more I talked about it with my friends, family and clients, the more I discovered I wasn’t alone in my experience of this […]

The Heart Is A Muscle

Posted June 30th, 2016

2016-06-26 13.23.26

Last Sunday I dropped my eldest son off at overnight camp for three and a half weeks. And then I proceeded to crumble. No, that’s not entirely true. The truth is that the crumbling — much to my horror — began in earnest the night before. On Saturday night, I was standing in the kitchen trying to put candles on the strawberry shortcake “cake” for […]

My Latest Leap

Posted June 23rd, 2016

2016-06-16 12.27.55

I can’t tell you how many days I wake up and think: I want to be as brave as my clients.  And let me tell you…from where I sit, that’s a tall order. In my work, I tend to be a brave people magnet, so I find myself surrounded by them daily — people striking out into unchartered waters with the voice of doubt hollering […]