One-On-One Consulting

Bringing equal parts sounding-board, provocateur, adviser, think-tank, comic relief, midwife and champion, I work with organizational leaders and business owners to make change happen.

What do I mean by “change”? It’s the kind that whispers (or screams) at you. The kind you could easily ignore, if you were a person that could settle or look away. But you’re not

It’s the kind of change that gets you up in the middle of the night and has you scribbling notes on scraps of paper. It has you inspired, frustrated, feeling alive, and feeling alone.

It’s the kind of change that could easily not happen – if it weren’t for you.

That’s where I come in.

I help make sense of what you’re seeing, experiencing and wanting for your business or organization. I bring boatloads of models, lenses and frameworks that offer a better understanding of what’s at play.

I provide the space for you not to have it all figured out. When you work with me, you get to be messy, confused, then clear and confident. You get to change your mind, be full of doubt or on-fire committed. I create processes that invite you not to settle on what you know to be right and true for your organization.

I offer insight and experience that enable you to prioritize and sequence the various tasks, stages and initiatives that can all feel so important and pressing. In doing so, I demystify the process of transition and change, creating clear road maps.

I stimulate your thinking, challenge your thoughts, poke holes in your logic and have you examine your role in creating just about every facet of the organization. I am not a head nodder and hold you accountable for creating the change you want.

I offer booster shots of courage, validation and motivation when you need it most because I understand the fortitude and endurance it takes to create sustainable change.

I provide you with reality checks – sharing observations about the organization’s readiness and capacity for change as well as the effectiveness and sustainability of you, the leader. I transfer learning by the bucket load, offering periodic coaching and resources to further hone and develop you as a leader, and help set realistic expectations that will set you (and your organization) up for success.

I continually monitor and scan for opportunities to create more organizational alignment that will support and sustain the desired change. I help leaders understand and differentiate isolated instances (ie. performance issues or conflict) from established patterns (cultural or systemic issues). I look at all the moving pieces – from vision and strategy to culture and reward systems – and check to ensure they are all working in concert with each other.

I help you recognize and celebrate the change as it’s happening – and then again after it’s happened – by creating specific measures and milestones to track progress and offer perspective and hope when you become exhausted or can no longer see the impact your leadership is having.

As a consultant, I believe in keeping it real, speaking plain English and getting to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible. I’m able to do that because of the quality of the relationship I form with my clients. We roll up our sleeves and dig in. We toss things (ideas, concepts, solutions) around, we pull things apart and we piece them back together in new and different ways.

My clients lead. I ride shot gun. It’s a thing of beauty.

I consult with clients in Maine as well as out-of-state. With clients that live locally, we’ll spread out our thoughts on butcher paper, walls or the floor. We’ll go back and forth, face-to-face in your office, my office or over coffee. With my out of state clients, we work more virtually, sharing our thoughts and ideas via Skype, e-mail and Google docs. We’ll still be talking in your office, my office or over coffee, but with a phone connecting us.

If I do my job well, your clients, colleagues and collaborators won’t ever see me. But they’ll notice the difference.

I’ll be your secret weapon.