Terms & Conditions of Homecoming Attendance


I understand that I am registering for instruction/facilitation in activity which may involve physical, emotional, and psychological activity and that in case of such and undertaking there is always a risk involved.  I understand that in a group setting the instructor/facilitator(s) cannot always monitor my physical, emotional, and psychological limits, and that I am therefore responsible for assessing the risk any activity poses to me, and choosing a safe course of action for myself.

I agree to assume the risk and responsibility for any injuries or damages suffered by me arising out of my participation in this retreat.

Cancellation Policy

Your payment minus $100 is refundable until the August 31, 2012.  Between September 1 and September 30, this partial refund is available only if a replacement participant* is registered (*participant must make note of this on the registration form).

Food Allergies

In connections with any food allergies I have, I understand that I am responsible for knowing whether any ingredients to which I am allergic exist in any foods that are prepared by SheChanges.  If I am uncertain about the ingredients of these foods, I am responsible for learning that information from SheChanges and/or the head cook in the dining hall who have prepared or overseen the preparation of such food.

Use of Likeness and Photography

I understand that while I am participating in this SheChanges event, SheChanges may be taking photographs of participants.  Some of these photographs will be used by SheChanges for promotional or informational purposes in its brochures, website and newsletters.  By coming to this retreat, I agree that SheChanges may take photographs that include my image and that such photographs may be used by SheChanges for promotional and informational purposes.