Homecoming Retreat Schedule

Friday, October 5

4:00Check In

Part of a Larger Story

Set context for our collective journey by participating in this visual community storyboard process with Lael that has us appreciate what we are coming from, leaving behind, and heading into as we enter this retreat.

Calling It In

Create some intention for your retreat weekend, open up the channels to your intuition, and see what it insight and guidance it offers you through this guided tarot experience with Karen.

Saturday, October 6

7:00Snacks out for early risers (coffee will be out at 6:00)
7:30Breakfast (available until 9:00)

Waking Up To Our Bodies

Set the stage for your day by opening your mind, loosening your body, and plugging back into your roots as a woman through this brief introduction to the ancient practice of belly dancing with Jeanne.
10:00Morning Circles (you will select one when registering)

Cutting Through The Noise

Grab a pen and try your hand at this writing process that will help to unravel the knot and gain clarity around something in your life that is really gnawing at you. By following your own thread, you will see how inner dialogues build against each other to reveal new-found understandings that were hiding in plain sight. No writing experience necessary.
Led by Jessica Esch

Bringing Your Sexy Back

Invite your inner sexy to come out and play in this fun and funky dance experience that will have you laughing, moving, and loving all the parts of you. Discover your personal brand of sexy as you explore the connections between feeling sexy, finding your music and moving your body the way it was meant to move. No dancing experience necessary.
Led by Amy Badger.

Dropping Into Your Soil

Through yoga-inspired restorative postures, deep breathing and guided imagery, take stock of your soil in which the seed of you is currently planted. Using your body as a guide, consider the variables over which you have control, and imagine how you might enrich your soil to create a more nourishing environment to ultimately support your growth.
Led by Katy Park.

Leapin' Lizards Opens Up Shop

Browse through some cool books, grab a new journal, or treat yourself to a massage, intuitive reading or numerology session if the mood moves you now or later - they'll be open until after dinner.
Visit the Leapin' Lizards website
12:00Lunch/Open Space & Free Time

Your Wild Woman: Lost, But Not Forgotten

Rediscover the traits and gifts of the “Wild Woman” archetype and explore how she lives within you. Through group discussion, personal reflection, and a bit of creative expression using art, imagery and words, you'll plug into that ancient and powerful force that courses through our veins as women and create a reminder of her to take home with you. Led by Lael Jepson.
3:30Afternoon Circles (you will select one when registering)

Creating From Instinct

Experiment with art as a means to access the part of you that knows best. By playing with different media and letting your instincts take the wheel, you will feel what it's like to make decisions quickly. In doing so, you'll experience what's possible when over-thinking and self-doubt take a back seat. Absolutely no art experience needed to participate.
Led by Anita Dore.

Awakening The Buoyancy Within

Engage the sense of playfulness you know is inside you, but has gotten buried in the details and roles of life. Let it out and learn powerful everyday practices of laughter and play in this experience that will have you diving into the expansiveness of the present moment. Allow yourself to let go of whatever weighs you down, and establish a fuller connection with yourself that enables you to let all the juices flow and live more optimally.
Led by Katie West.

Moving Back to Center

Grounded in the assumption that our bodies are always seeking balance, find your way back to center with this experience in movement and meditation. Reacquaint your body and your mind with the feminine symbol of infinity, and experience how connecting with this ancient symbol of wholeness and limitless possibilities enables women to tap into the deepest part of themselves, more fully appreciating themselves and the powerful force that is universal to all women.
Led by Jeanne Handy.

Break It Down

Let the dance floor and all those fancy moves of your dreams be deconstructed at this down and dirty crash course on all the fabulous and funkiest dance moves. Led by Amy Badger .

Shake What Your Mama Gave You

Cut some rug, get your groove on, let your wild woman come out to play and move like you mean it to a rockin’ playlist that is sure to make you smile, get down and boogie and sweat! Led by Katie West

Sunday, October 7

7:00Snacks out for early risers

Evolving Our Story as Women

Begin to wind down your retreat experience and reflect on your journey as Karen leads us through a unique storytelling experience that will honor and acknowledge our courage, resourcefulness and wisdom as women.

Making It Matter

Bring closure to your weekend and prepare for re-entry with this ritual guided by Lael that will support you in bringing a bit of Homecoming back home with you.
11:30Check-Out and Leave-Taking