Upcoming SheSpeaks

This speaking series is designed to celebrate and honor women – our power, perspectives, voices, wisdom, stories and relevance. Each of these evening events has a distinct theme and hand-selected speakers whose short talks will inspire, inform, and create a space for something new to emerge – an awareness, an idea, an appreciation, a connection, a commitment.

So grab your favorite journal or make a date with a dear friend. But join us. You’ll be so glad you did.

The latest with SheSpeaks: It’s baaaaaack! After taking a two-year hiatus from this running this ever-popular event (insert my heartfelt gratitude here for the love and support!) while I wrote and released my book, Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer, I am happy to finally be returning to the stage in December with a posse of some amazing women to tell their stories! We’ll be in a new venue with a slightly new format, so stay tuned for details! In the meantime, the December date/location is all booked, so please mark your calendars!

Never been to a SheSpeaks storytelling event? Feel free to check out some speakers from past events here.

Next up: 

Winter 2016: A Living Prayer

Thursday, December 8th, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

One Longfellow Square
Portland, Maine

Stay tuned for more details!

Spring 2014: Sourcing

Thursday, May 8th, 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.

Mayo Street Arts
Portland, Maine
Tickets are $15 in advance / $20 at the door

This event is official SOLD OUT. Advance tickets are no longer available, but if space allows, tickets may be purchased at the door that evening starting at 6:50 as unclaimed will-call tickets are freed up.

40% of the proceeds from this event will benefit Mayo Street Arts

Plan ahead and save the date for this amazing night of women’s storytelling. Five women will take to the stage and share their stories about the places we go to inspire, inform, and ignite change for ourselves.  The women of this SheSpeaks will offer perspective, inspiration and some good food for thought along with a few laughs. Lael will be the emcee of this event and will be weaving together the five stories in the context of the topic of “Sourcing”

And yes, men are more than welcome to attend this event! While it is an event to honor and celebrate women, the stories told this evening will be appreciated by and relevant to men and women alike.

There will be a cash bar that offers beer, wine and local baked treats. There will be a brief intermission after the second speaker before continuing on with the second half. Buying advance tickets is encouraged, as space is limited and this event typically sells out!

The women of this SheSpeaks are…

Susan Fekety SheSpeaksSusan Fekety ~ The Wing Flapping Stage
Susan is untethered. Finally. She is living in the moment she’s waited for her whole life – the chapter that will be all about her and her freedom, expansion, delight and grace of “the glide”. The only catch is, her wings are a bit cramped, having been tucked tightly against her bird body as she’s built a career, tended to other’s needs, and lived her full life. Her temptation is to surrender to the moment – to wait for the wind to lift her up – but she knows deep down that’s not what’s needed. In fact, she’s starting to realize that’s just her playing chicken shit. In her heart, she knows she’s ready and she knows what’s called for, but to act now would mean admitting to herself that she has everything she needs – she IS enough – and that is a daunting notion. A first. Susan’s story will demonstrate the formidable tension we can experience in our bones when we reach for something more while recognizing we are enough.

KateDavisSheSpeaksKate Davis ~ The Strategy of Magic
There was a day, not too long ago, when Kate looked at the woman she’d become and thought: “who IS that woman!?” The events leading up to that day were like living through an avalanche of circumstances, with the losses of her job and her father’s life happening so close together she thought she’d feel buried alive. But instead, she felt something else. Free. And suddenly wide awake. With her new-found determination to live a life on her own terms, she began to ask herself what she wanted but struggled to hear her own voice amid the clogged up airwaves and white noise surrounding her. That’s when her navigational plan was hatched and she launched a full-body campaign toward wholeness. Kate’s story will illustrate how daunting it can be to creatively reconcile the mechanistic needs of our head as we stay open to the organic magic that lives within our hearts.

CharlotteBaconSheSpeaksCharlotte Bacon ~ The Alchemy Of Anger
Charlotte doesn’t do “invisible” very well. She kind of sucks at being a wallflower. She also isn’t a fan of boxes, and makes a sport out of resisting them. But life handed her plenty of opportunities to practice both, until one day she realized she had become an angry sponge lady, taking care of other people’s needs and quietly tending to her own as time allowed, often mourning the alternate life she wasn’t living. But then something shifted, and she decided to listen to and trust what the juices of resentment inside her were saying, rather than make them wrong, bad, or worse yet, shameful. As those feelings came to roost inside herself, she came face to face with her truth and her deepest longing. Charlotte’s story will shine a light on how engaging with our biggest emotions can be our saving grace when it comes to living an honest life.

ErinOldhamSheSpeaksErin Oldham ~ The Courage To Hold My Heart
Erin is no stranger to chaos and rises mightily in the face of crisis. She’s good that way. But recently, she realized she’s kind of gotten stuck that way, always moving forward, but rarely stopping to truly be with and feel the moment. Most people don’t know that about her, because she’s taken care to craft a life around stories that allow others to get close, but not too close. Then she felt the earth move and saw the sky open before her eyes, and knew instantly she had to drop the mask. She decided the time had come to stop playing the game, and start acknowledging the woman she is beneath the stories. Erin’s story will reveal the courage it takes to embracing the thrash of a transition from all that you’ve ever known to a completely new world.

donna desilets SheSpeaksDonna Desilets ~ Salty Tears, Salty Sea
Something happens for Donna when she’s by water, especially when she’s swimming in the sea. That’s why she’s always gone there – to figure herself out, to seek out answers to her questions, to be with her truth. It’s as if the sea gets her better than she gets herself. It just knows. But ever since her last trip to the warm, salty water, she’d gotten the sense the water is trying to have her look at something more deeply embedded in herself – something that brings tears to her eyes without fully knowing why. She’s starting to realize that this particular conversation with the sea isn’t about knowing at all – it’s about feeling. Donna’s story will remind us how each return trip home to ourselves can have us feel vulnerable and a bit tender, even as it fills us up with the light of new awareness.

The Women of Past SheSpeaks

December 2013: Harbinger
Johnna Major – Breaking Free From My Fortress
Molly Tarleton – Moving Into Fluid
Molly Simmons – The People At My Table
Becky Carpenter – Saying What I Do Believe
Shannon Bryan – Getting Ready For My Shit Show

May 2013: Rebel Yell
Pam Erickson – Finding My Inner Helga
Shannara Gillman – Being a Badass For Good
Noel Gallagher – Calling The Dogs Home
Erica Labb – Packaging My Truth In Love
Josephina Gasca – Bigger Than I Think I Am

December 2012: Mojo Risin’
Mish Morgenstern: An Antidote to Impatience
Denise Jay: Finding My Faith When the Dock Is Shaking
Katy Park: Taking Up A Shitload of Space
Danielle Madore: Choosing Not To Dance
Elizabeth DeSwarte: From Tragic to Magic

April 2012: Rites of Passage
Jen Cohen: The Pressure From A Grain Of Sand
Donna Galluzzo: Letting Go Into Love
Jeanne Handy: It’s Not Always Pretty
Jeanne Thompson: The Force Within Me
Ellen Murphy: Being True To The Process

October 2012: Honoring
Jessica Esch – The Journey To Asking
Shay Stewart Bouley -Letting It Rip
Monique Barrett – The Power of Unlocking Ourselves
Lee Farrington – Life On A Curve
Karen Wyman – Free-Falling Into The Unknown