Front Row Seats: Films That Benefit

Front Row SeatsHave you ever heard someone talk about a great documentary and thought, “Oh, I SO want to see that!” But then time passes…and you forget was it was called or what it was about. Then you see another good one pop up on Facebook, and you make a mental note to see that one. But then you don’t. And you continue in this fashion until you have a stack of really good intentions, just like the stack of books you want to read when you “have time.” I SO get that.

But the good news is you’re not alone!

There’s a lot of good documentaries out there – films about and by women that are changing the world. They are relevant and compelling to women like us, but for whatever reason, we have not gotten around to see them yet. And let’s be honest: some things are just meant to be seen in the company of others. So in that regard, maybe it’s a good thing you haven’t seen all those documentaries yet…you were just waiting for the right crowd to see them with you.

Front Row Seats is the crowd you’ve been waiting for.

Join us at any one of these documentary viewings and feel the power of watching these ground-breaking films in a community of like-minded individuals. Buy a ticket to Front Row Seats and experience how feelings of hope, inspiration, determination and commitment to creating change in our world can be amplified and galvanized among an audience that is awake and connected to each other and our world. Together, we’ll watch some of the most talked about, critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries that celebrate and honor the power, perspective, and creative forces within women to affect change in our world.

But here’s the really cool part: Your Ticket = $$$ to Support MORE Change for Women

When you buy a Front Row Seat to any of these viewings, 100% of your ticket will benefit an organization that is dedicated to leading, creating, and stimulating positive forces of change for and among women in the world.

So by carving out time in your busy day life to finally see that documentary that’s been on your mind, you’re actually becoming part of something bigger. You’re creating a ripple of change that will benefit another woman on the other side of the globe. How cool is that? What better reason to get out your calendar, rally your friends – women AND men alike! – save the date, and buy your ticket.

Upcoming Event Details:

Makers Women Who Make America






The following documentaries are “on the list” and will be featured at a future Front Row Seat event:

Get Real! Wise Women SpeakHalf the Sky - Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women WorldwideConnected by Tiffany SchlainRed Tent Movie - Things We Don't Talk About