HerMojo: A Benefit Dance For Women

HerMojo - Jeanne

Miss the advance tickets on sale? It’s not too late! Tickets will be on sale at the door tonight for HerMojo – $10 cash only please! See below for studio location. And thanks to all the women coming out for this benefit dance – together, we’ve raised nearly $500 to benefit a local women’s shelter. We rock.

There’s something that happens for a woman when she dances. Especially when she’s barefoot and is in a place mentally and physically where she can lose herself in the music.

It has to do with accessing power, of that, I am certain. When a woman dances just for herself she plugs into something mighty powerful and primal. And ancient. Some might say archetypal.

HerMojo is an event to celebrate the power of women’s movement – individually and collectively.

The late Gabrielle Roth, suggested physical movement was the key to unlocking the spirit, and organized her whole life around helping others to “sweat their prayers”. She believed “dance is the fastest and most direct way to truth.”

I wholeheartedly agree.


And when women dance together? It has the capacity to wake up the world. That was the premise behind Eve Ensler’s brainchild event: One Billion Rising, an event designed to invite women to dance together all across the globe on Valentine’s Day 2013 to create a “feminist tsunami” that would heal our world by awakening and harnessing the power of our collective consciousness through movement.

I so want to be a part of all that. So I am this Friday, April 5th.

HerMojo is a benefit dance for women.

No sticky floors, no creepy on-lookers, no cramped spaces. Just a whole lotta awesome women losing (and finding) themselves as they shake their tail feathers to some hot rockin’ tunes. HerMojo offers women an informal, safe, and sassy opportunity to dance their heart outs with other like-minded women doing the same. No guided instructions or choreography, no planned program, no expectations, and no prior experience necessary. Just a desire to have some fun and cut loose.

And yes, there will be a disco ball.

The benefits are many: you’ll find your mojo (or your swagger or your smile), you’ll meet some like-minded women, and your body will thank you for allowing it to move more freely for a spell.

But the biggest benefit is that 100% of all the proceeds from this dance will go to benefit a local women’s shelter. We will be dancing for more than just ourselves that night. We’ll be dancing for the right of other women to feel safe from harm and to catch their breath in the middle of a turbulent sea.

Join me Friday, April 5th and dance your truth out.

8:00-10:00 p.m at Studio Fit in Westbrook, Maine

Tickets are $10 and can only be purchased in advance, but will be available up until noon the day of the event.

So make your plans, save the date or just go ahead and buy your ticket now via Brown Paper Tickets and call it good.