Mojo Infusions for Women Leaders

When seeking to make change happen, I’m convinced the edge is where it’s at. It’s the place where movement finally happens.

And it’s the place to which women are being called to lead. Now.

You know what I mean by “the edge”, right? Those places that feel lonely and scary to go – like taking a stance and digging in when there is pressure to just go along, the times when your idea feels heretical and outlandish, those instances when you decide to break rank trust your instincts over the general consensus?

That is when you’re leading from the edge – you’re taking a risk, you’re putting yourself out there, you’re being honest, you’re not asking for permission, nor are you apologizing or watering yourself down.

It’s you. Unencumbered by doubt or fear. It’s you…leading.

Engaging with others –  and with yourself as a leader – at the edge creates the friction that gives the status quo a run for its money. It’s refreshingly bold and honest. It cuts to the chase and is incredibly efficient and laser sharp in its focus.

As a result, it inspires engagement, fuels creativity, generates innovative solutions and ultimately, creates change.

Women have this capacity and deep down we all know it. The trick is, we’re often afraid to use it fully.

Because it take a boatload of courage and fortitude to lead from the edge –

The edge of comfort

The edge of control

The edge of safety

The edge of competency

Yes, sometimes even the edge of logic.

And sometimes it’s easier not to. Sometimes it’s easier to fly under the radar, the blend in with the group and to

Those are the days doubt and fear reign over us as women leaders.