Recharges for Women Leaders

I’ve heard it said over and over again by women leaders in many different ways:

  • “It’s all so heady…I’m not sure I’m buying into my own logic any more”
  • “I’ve got a hitch in my giddyap…”
  • “I want my swagger back…”
  • “My job is incredible, but it’s killing me…”

These are the words of women leaders who are out there trying to create change in the world.

They are lit from within with purpose, passion and determination to make a difference, live their lives fully, and do their part to help shape and create a better world. They are often trail-blazers, stubborn, slightly irreverent, intuitive and fiercely independent. They tend to be quick-studies, resourceful and humble – often not realizing the powerful and positive impact they are having on those around them.

They are also bone tired, seeking inspiration, and often feel lonely and overwhelmed – especially if they are the one with the vision for something better and are leading a charge. As confident and head-strong as they might seem, they are also craving a foothold – a safe haven to catch their breath, an indication that they’re on the right track, and some new perspectives and strategies to sharpen their skills and fortify their reserves.

They typically don’t seem themselves as leaders, but that’s a whole other conversation.

Having worked with these women for years one-on-one as a consultant, and having heard their stories in my women’s experiences, it’s clear there is a desire to come together with other women – to be validated, inspired, and recharged to go back out there and keep creating change.

Recharges were created for women leaders to scratch this itch.

If you look up “Recharge” in the dictionary, you will find it means “to replenish the electricity in something.”

Recharges are your ticket to replenishing your electricity as a woman and as a leader.

They are like double shot lattes for your psyche. They are small gatherings of big women interested in creating change. They are like 90-minute jam sessions, where experience and information are shared, ideas are explored, and plans are hatched.

They wake you up, infuse you with possibilities – both practical and heretical – and send you on your way 90-minutes later, walking a bit taller and feeling a bit stronger.

That’s what Recharge sessions do for women – they give them the time, space and structure to plug back in – to themselves, to what they know, to each other – and juice up their batteries. They offer food for thought, space for reflection, tools to try, perspectives to consider, and strategies to be architects and navigators of change.

Sometimes a simple recharge is all that’s needed to put the wind back in your sails.

Check-out upcoming Recharge sessions below to find which one best suits your needs.  Keep checking back, as plans for new Recharge sessions are frequently being hatched. Have an idea for one based on what you’re seeing/experiencing? Let me know and we’ll see what emerges.

Upcoming Recharges for Women Leaders

    • Just for Corporate Women

This 90-minute recharge session was designed specifically for women who are seeking to create change from within the context of the corporate world.