SheWolves: A Deeper Dive

Posted October 19th, 2018

If you’ve found your way to this page, then you are most likely part of a select group of women who have already participated in my On Being A Woman experience I’ve offered to nearly 100 women over the past ten years.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, WELCOME! And… you might want to start here, as SheWolves is intended for women who have already participated in that first circle experience.

SheWolves was born out of my own personal hunger for a deeper level of conversation with myself—in the company of other women interested in going deeper within themselves. Why? Because for me, the deeper the better these days when it comes to self-awareness, understanding, perspective, insight, reflection, listening, honoring, connecting—with myself and others….you know what I’m talking about.

You also know what you moved through in your first circle experience with me—the what-have-I-gotten-myself-into concerns, the I-don’t-typically-do-this-sort-of-thing hesitations, the have-I-said-too-much woes, the do-I-belong-here dabbling, the what-does-being-a-woman-have-to-do-with-anything resistance… The vulnerability of being yourself with other women. The awkwardness of dropping down into that space of trusting. The fear of not fitting in or belonging.

You made it through all that shit, woman. Remember that? 

Do you also remember what was there waiting for you on the other side of that gauntlet of shit?

That feeling of not being so alone or crazy.
That sense of community and sisterhood—even without needing to be “friends”
That sensation of just being with whatever was coming up, instead of someone trying to fix you, rescue you, or soothe you.
That sacred space that we accessed together each time we met—where we sort of dropped down underneath ourselves, our circumstances, the noise?

Yea, that stuff. Me, too.

The SheWolves circle is designed to meet you there—below the crusty outer shell of resistance that you know to expect and move through with more ease and grace, outside of the noise of our own busy lives and our chaotic world, into the rich loamy center of a sacred women’s space that you already know how to be with your bones. Because you’ve tasted it already, and you know your way home.

The intention of this circle is simple—and timely:

Deep nourishment in a time many of us are depleted.
Deep connection in a time so many of us feel alone and isolated.
Deep listening in a time so many of us are saturated and over-stimulated.
Deep illumination in a time so many of us are moving through deep darkness.
Deep inspiration in a time so many of us are feeling called to be more fully in service.

Me, too. Me, too.

So here’s how it will look. Just like the first circle you experienced, we’ll meet one Tuesday evening (6:30-830) a month throughout the dark of this winter, from November to March. We’ll come together in circle just as we are—because isn’t that truly enough?—and we’ll trust each other to get our own needs met, however that looks. For some of you, it might be a refreshing structure that offers some rigor and accountability to do some work you’ve been wanting to do for yourself. For others, it might be more about community and engaging with some new people in your life as witnesses to where you are now and supporters of where you see yourself heading. There will be others who don’t know why they want to be a part of this experience, and we’ll trust in that, too, because serendipity is a welcome member of this circle, and we know Her well by now.

So without further ado, here are the dates and topics of this year’s SheWolves circle. Our circle is now full, so welcome. And if you’re finding your way to this page and are just hearing about it now, please reach out to me directly so we can talk more about your participation in this circle in the future.

November 13, 2018
Forces of Nature: Creating Intentional Space

This first group will be a chance for us to acknowledge what a radical act it can be to simply pause in our busy lives. Knowing that most women are drawn to this circle because “I just know I needed to be here”, we will take our sweet time reflecting on and sharing the intentions that drew us to this experience, just as we did your first time in circle. In this way, we will co-create our very own “red tent”, that archetypal place that houses the collective of women’s wisdom. In clarifying our own thoughts and hearing the experiences of others, we will begin to appreciate how we are not as alone as we might have imagined.   From this place of wisdom and knowing, we will give voice to our specific intentions for this five-month journey – individually and collectively – and what we hope to create as a result.

December 11, 2018
Rooting & Rising: Homing + Living Our Prayers

For many of us, our “usual tricks” we use to center and ground ourselves aren’t quite cutting it in these times of prevailing winds and natural (and man made) storms. We’ll share and explore how being a woman feels relevant to these times, especially as it intersects with the natural world and women’s bodies. We’ll touch upon lineage of women ancestors and what that means, as well as the sisterhood and our experience of it.  Using archetypal stories of the feminine, as well as our awareness of the masculine —in ourselves and in our world–we’ll seek to deepen our connection to that ancient wisdom in our women’s bones, and have that inform where we are being led. And where we are being called to lead.

January 8, 2019
Intersections: Playing With The Web of Connectivity

As women, we are inherently wild creatures familiar with chaos and mess, often seeing (and sensing and feeling) how everything is connected. And yet we live in a world that values order, and creates boxes that seek to contain and keep things tidy. This month’s conversation will give us open space to play with the various connections and interdependencies and intersections we carry in our hearts and minds and bodies. Using a spider’s web as our inspiration, we will—individually and collectively—tease apart and play with the mess and chaos, not as a means to solve and fix it, but to create some illumination of the web as a whole versus seeing it as a collection of the parts. 

February 5, 2019
Working Our Magic: Making It Real

In this fourth group, we will explore what “magic” means to us and how we experience it, hold it, and use it in our lives.  We’ll intentionally engage taboo and non-traditional topics for women such as being a witch, women’s power, being too much, our sexuality, our bodies as instruments, and our fear of being burned at the stake. We’ll dig into to the roots of these knowings, not to talk ourselves out of it or as an intellectual exercise, but as a means to deeply honor what is true and real for us as modern women. We’ll explore how we contribute to devaluing that which we believe, and what it would look like—individually and collectively—if we were to bring more reverence to our magic as women. At the heart of this conversation, we’ll examine how this topic is relevant today and why it matters to us as the women of tomorrow. 

March 5, 2019
Medicine: Standing + Staying In The Fire

In this increasingly chaotic and violent world we find ourselves in, we will recognize the need to be “selfish” as critical to our health and our work in the world, seeking to connect it with a desire to be of service. We’ll explore our fears of seeming “full of ourselves” and how that fear of arrogance often has us feel “too much” and retreat or pull back to the familiar land of “not enough”. We’ll explore love as a tool of engagement that comes from a different place and space than “fighting” for what we believe in. As we seek to close out this five month circle experience, we will clarify what matters to us now, recognizing the critical role we play as women – literally or figuratively – in conception, incubation and birth, and we’ll seek to more fully understand how taking care of our selves is actually taking care of others and taking care of the world.

Logistics & Cost

Meets Tuesday evenings on the dates listed above at SheChanges in Portland, Maine
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $550 for series of five circles (yes, monthly payment options are available)

For more specifics about how the circle is run and what you can expect contact Lael to see if this circle is a good fit for you.

An Unscripted Evening With Lael

Posted May 24th, 2016

An Unscripted Evening is essentially my version of a revival for heretics, misfits, rabble rousers and mavericks. It’s also a safe space for road-weary travelers to catch their breath, fill their cup, and be among kindred spirts.

It’s a warm campfire for those who find themselves in the land of misfit toys, and it’s fueled by my heart fire and powered by the work I do nationally with women like you.

Part storytelling, part improv, and part soul reveal, it’s simply me up there—doing my thing in a way that’s unplugged, unscripted, and unapologetic. Why? Because I know I’m not alone.

But I work with enough women to know that so many of us think we are. Alone.

Real and raw, humorous and gritty, thoughtful and irreverent, this heart-centered event is designed to both illuminate and inspire bravehearts like you who are interested in expanding into more of who they are so they can show up in the world bigger, bolder and without apology.

If you are a fan of SheSpeaks, my annual and ever-popular evening of women’s storytelling, then this one’s for you. From me with love. It was born out of that event, as a result of me having to leave so much of my own story pieces on the cutting room floor so to make way for the five other women that join me on stage those evenings.

“It was such a relief to find emotional respite in a sanctuary buzzing with Lael’s magnetic mojo. Lael is a masterful storyteller, and she weaves her magic in mysterious – and hilarious ways. I laughed out loud for 90 minutes. I’m pretty sure I heard a snort.”

Thursday, March 14th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

First Universalist Church
Yarmouth, Maine

Ready to buy your ticket? Tickets are on sale now here  via Brown Paper Tickets. Not sure what this is? Read on and see how it feels….

This Unscripted Evening is the place I bring it all and bring it in—the stuff I’ve got, as I’ve got it, unencumbered by time, and liberally sprinkled with humor and heart. This is the place I cut loose, let the stories flow and fly with wild abandon, and weave all manner of topics together that I’ve been playing with in my own work as well as my clients. This is the place, I shine a bright light on the many hot and juicy topics that feel particularly relevant and personal to women right now.

No script, no rehearsal, no pretty preparation or fancy pomp + circumstance  just a bunch of heartfelt intentions, heaping handfuls of resources and ideas, and loads of luminous threads woven together publicly in one 90-minute evening. part book reading (not necessarily my own), this evening is me at my most real and authentic self.

The sole intention of this evening is to create resonance — offering food for thought, frameworks of understanding, and rocket fuel energy to inspire you to honor, move, and act upon what it is you are being called to do and be in the world.

So if you’re feeling stuck, wondering if you’re crazy, or feeling alone….this evening is for you. Join me for 90-minutes and discover that you are none of those things…and instead are a revolutionary thinker simply having a very human moment.

Storytelling + Food for Thought + Space to Reflect 

“It was a captivating swirl of spoken words and relatable moments, garnished with humor and grace and human-ness, and punctuated with profanity. Just the way I like it.”

You know what’s at the core of this evening?


Freedom from self-limiting beliefs that keep us small, explanations and disclaimers that water us down, hesitancy and second-guessing that hold us back, expectations that aren’t our own, old stories we continue to play out, judgement and jealousy that keep us disconnected, lies we tell ourselves to stay put, stereotypes that have us settle, wasted energy that drains our spirits, and apologies that diminish who we are and what we desire.

You can show up to this evening just as you are — no need to have read my book, know my work, or even know me. Nothing to think about or do in advance — you’ll have everything you need just by deciding to show up.

“I left feeling endlessly lighter than when I walked in because I purged 20 pounds of emotional bullshit in that wooden church pew – just from 90 minutes of laughing and relating and being present in that moment. It was worth every ounce of energy it took to get my introverted ass off my couch.”

Please note: This event is not limited to women – all are welcome. Also there will most likely be some swearing, so heads up for sensitive or little ears! 

You with me? You want in? 

Thursday, March 14th 7:00-8:30 pm

First Universalist Church

97 Main Street
Yarmouth, Maine

Advance tickets are available now ($15 via Brown Paper Tickets) or buy a ticket that evening at the door ($20 cash/paypal). I’ll have copies of my book Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer available for sale that night for cash or check (1 for $20 or 2 for $35) and will be happy to sign them!

What The Flock

Posted May 14th, 2015

2015-05-14 10.45.43“I thought I was the only one… who thought that… felt that…wanted that…experienced that…

I live to hear that phrase in my work, because to my ears, that’s the sound of a woman not feeling alone anymore. That’s the sound of woman realizing she’s not crazy.

That’s the sound of a woman validating herself.

How do I know this? Because for many years, I was that woman. In many ways and on many occasions, I felt like was all alone. As a result, I often diminished or downright dismissed my opinions and ideas. I wrote them off as “crazy.” But that all changed when I created SheChanges, and heard many, many women over the years, saying similar versions of my story and sharing their perspectives and perceptions that felt like extensions my own. And like me, these women thought they were alone, too.

But we’re not alone. We’re heretics. Big difference.

What I’ve come to appreciate over the past ten years in my business, is that the women I work with are actually part of a flock – they just don’t know it yet. Part of my work – and complete joy – has been to design experiences that demonstrate this fact to them again and again. My Homecoming retreat, SheSpeaks evening of storytelling, On Being a Woman Circle, and Mustang Sallies Posse have all been born out of this desire. It’s been so much fun to pull back the curtain and say, “See? And you thought you were alone…Look! Listen! Feel! These are your women!”

2015-05-14 10.24.51As my business has expanded nationally, our flock has grown in size. But you might not realize it. I work with pockets of women all over the country who are often exploring the same topics with similar perspectives, wanting the same change and bumping into similar frustrations, playing with the same ideas and not realizing they are part of a larger movement.

I’ve started to see we are quite a badass and formidable flock of women.
Larger than even I imagined.

And you know what they say, right? Birds of a feather

For years, I’ve been itching to hit the open-road and gather these flocks of women together, but the time has never been quite right. But now, having just written a book and starting to talk more with women about the central premise and purpose of it, I’m starting to see how those words I’ve written on the pages are more than simply my story. They are the words of our flock. And I, for one, am itchy to hear more about that. My curiosity, together with the pull of desire from my clients and these pockets of women in various cities across the country to gather, to connect, to inspire, to validate…to flock, has got me thinking…

2015-05-14 10.38.05What the flock!? I’m doing it. Or rather, them.

So I’m hitting the road this fall after doing a few gatherings in my home base of Maine this summer, and I’m going to be gathering pockets of us all over the country.

What the flock events are intimate, informal and badass gatherings of women that are customized and designed with you – and our fabulous flock – in mind. Each one will be different. Working together with a host in each of the cities I will be visiting, we will be inviting groups of 10-20 women who are destined to connect but haven’t yet had the chance. We’ll spend a couple hours together in the evening bouncing around some of the most relevant and juicy concepts, desires, and topics that the host bird and I will have selected in advance based on the group that’s gathering. That being said, we’ll stay open to how our conversation that evening wants to unfold, because that’s how we roll. We follow the electric energy.

Because those are two things I do really well – connect women and frame up conversations that feel relevant and juicy.

Women who come to a What the Flock gathering will either know me, the host, or at least one other bird, so right away you know you’re bound to be among your people. We’ll work our magic as match-makers and connect the dots among the pockets of women we know in that city to form a flockin’ awesome gathering of women. It’ll be part strategy and part serendipity – my favorite combination. All you’ll need to do is be open to the invitation, say yes, and pay a nominal fee to hold your flocking seat at the gathering! Easy peasy.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll leave these gatherings feeling connected (to yourself and perhaps some new women), inspired (like your pot has been stirred, and the juices are flowing again), and more committed (knowing that you’re not alone/crazy, your instincts are onto something, and you’re ready/know how to take action).

Sound good? I thought it might. But hold that thought if you wouldn’t mind while I work out the details…

I’m currently talking with my host birds and trying to line up some dates and cities. To whet your appetite, here is the preliminary list of places What the Flock gatherings will hopefully be happening:

Maine (Portland, Camden)
New Hampshire (Exeter)
Massachusetts (Boston)
Rhodes Island (Providence)
New York (Brooklyn)
New Jersey (TBD)
Georgia (Atlanta)
New Mexico (Santa Fe)
California (Bay area)
Washington (TBD)
Illinois (Chicago)
Missouri (St. Louis)

Don’t see your city listed above and want to? Let’s talk. Interested in learning more and staying in the loop as the details fall into place? Follow my Facebook page or reach out directly to me so I have you in my sites!

Because why the flock not, right?

The Men I Know: A Highly Unusual Men’s Group

Posted May 22nd, 2014

I form groups, I just do. And I do it well.

I connect people who don’t know each other yet, but upon meeting feel as if they’ve known each other for years.

Sometimes it’s just organic in nature, but here’s how it typically works: I get to know someone really well through my work with them – I hear them discover and share what matters most to them, what they are longing for, and where they are confused, scared, and feeling alone. They are vulnerable with me, telling me things they have never given voice to before – not even to themselves, let alone another person.

From where I sit, having heard similar stories, feelings, longings from many other clients, I know they are not alone. So as the opportunity presents itself, my one-on-one work with people begins to evolve into experiences I offer that connect those people I know. Generally, those people – and the audience for which I design experiences – are women.

The Men I KnowBut more recently, the men I know have been be asking for them, too.

I’ve been waiting for years for someone – a man – in my community to offer up an experience I’m envisioning for men.

But I’m tired of waiting. So I’m just going to do it.

Which, admittedly, is highly unusual: for a woman to design and facilitate a men’s group. But there it is. I tend to be highly unusual, myself, so maybe it’s a good fit.

Because here’s why: The men I know tend not to fit or be drawn to traditional men’s experiences. The gatherings of men they hear about tend to fall into two categories – either the new-age, spiritual realm or the therapeutic, healing realm. Neither of those seems to fit the bill for the men I know. But yet they are still craving connection, community, and kindred spirits that “get them” and share their similar desire to discuss and explore life and what matters most to them now – at this age and stage of life.

The men I know:

  • Are comfortable being a man, but are craving more substantive connections with other men (kind of like the conversations they have with women) – something beyond sports, work or drinking.
  • Have a tremendous amount of respect for and easily relate to women – many of them are in loving and vibrant relationships, are proud fathers to daughters, fiercely loyal brothers, or recognize the strength of the women who raised them.
  • Are established and accomplished professionally, but are interested in fostering the other parts of their lives (the life beyond work)
  • Are increasingly hungry for some new male friends.
  • Know a woman – or many – who has participated in one – or many – of my experiences and is craving something like that for men.
  • Like to laugh, mix it up, and be irreverent.
  • Have really full and busy lives, sometimes feeling like they are rushing from one obligation and responsibility to another, like their life is too often about a schedule or a routine.
  • Are seeking some inspiration, fresh perspective, or wanting some intellectual stimulation…but don’t want to go to church, back to school, or join a drumming circle.
  • Are happy, successful and relatively content…but also want to stay awake to their own life and continue to explore beyond – or deepen – their current experience of life.

Those are the men I know. And from where I sit, they want to meet each other.

So this fall, I will be running a five-month circle experience for men. It will be designed with the same intention and spirit as my women’s circle, but with the men I know in mind. That is to say, this group will be gathering one evening a month, beginning in November 2014, and will be running throughout the dark of the winter, wrapping up in March 2015. The group will consist of five to eight men that I know – either by direct work experience or through referral, but screened to ensure a solid fit with the group that is forming. I will facilitate the group and will be compiling relevant themes and resources we’ll be using as springboards for our monthly conversations.

Details, monthly themes and exact dates are listed below. Men who register for this circle are asked to commit to the entire five-month experience (signing up for a singular month is not an option.)

November 12, 2014
Stoking The Fire: Taking Stock

This first gathering will be about doing a metaphorical stop, drop and roll individually and collectively as a group of men as a means to lay the foundation and prepare for this five-month journey. Beyond setting the context and going over the logistics of how we’ll come together each month, we’ll make space for you to share what drew you to this experience, why it feels relevant to where you are now in your life, and what you are seeking as a result. In doing so, we’ll also acknowledge that this experience might be new, unusual – even awkward – and explore why that is for men, and discuss ways you can customize this experience to have it feel more comfortable and of service relative to who you are and what you need.

December 10, 2014
Brotherhood: Being A Man Among Men

At some point in your life, you were indoctrinated into the world of men and taught – sometimes overtly, often by suggestion – what that entails and what is expected of you. Given the pace with which our society moves, there isn’t often an opportunity to consider those lessons and see if they align with what is true for you, which can contribute to a sense of isolation, confusion, and even shame among men. This month, we will take that time, chewing on and digesting different (sometimes conflicting) perspectives of what “being a man” means in today’s society and how that intersects with our notions of how the masculine/feminine energies present in all of us are held and expressed. We’ll move that conversation beyond the lens of the individual, and look at how your life experiences as men shape and inform your relationship with other men and how that impacts men’s sense of community, friendships and brotherhood.

January 7, 2015
Outlets: Plugging Into What Feeds You

This month we’ll be exploring the topic of balance and how you stay whole in the context of all the competing and never-ending demands of a full life. We’ll acknowledge the “broad shoulders” of men that can grow exponentially out of a sense of responsibility, providing for a family, being of service in the community, a steward of the earth, and a productive member of society. We’ll recognize the depletion of the mind-body-spirit that can come from over-use and the sense of isolation that can occur as a result, looking what you desire that might provide on-going restoration, fulfillment and wholeness. Rather than fixing a problem or seeking to solve an impossible puzzle that has you pitting one side of your life against another, we’ll clarify more clearly what you’re hungry for and explore alternate perspectives on holding seemingly conflicting demands that allow for a more integrated life.

February 4, 2015
Something More: Looking Beyond What Is

There are chapters and moments in life where we can so easily get lulled to sleep by our lives – our routines, our daily schedules, our tasks and sense of accomplishment at the end of a day, month, quarter, year – especially when time seems to blur, moving faster and faster. Resting on the assumption that a basic human desire is to be fully awake and alive to the presence of life, this fourth gathering will have you look at the arc of your life from the lens of what matters most, the legacy you will leave, and your desire to have an impact. While acknowledging those chronic factors that can contribute to settling, numbing, or dumbing down our passion, dreams and drives, this conversation will invite you to root around, unearth, and give voice to your deepest desires and inklings for something more – even if they are vague, half-baked notions, or feel ludicrous or far-flung. This conversation will seek to illuminate the seeds that will grow into your answer to that universal question: “what’s next?”

March 4, 2015
Everyday Embers: Living With Intention

As the final gathering in this series, this discussion will ask you to reflect on your insights, awareness and experiences – inside and outside the group – over the past five months, distilling the most relevant parts you want to pocket and take with you into this next chapter of your life. As we seek to gain closure from this experience, we’ll open up possibilities for you – individually and as a group – to maintain consciousness and connection to what you accessed through this experience. Embedded in this final group conversation is an invitation to further commit to yourself as a man – clarifying what that means, why it’s important, and what it might look like – so that your connection to yourself and others will grow beyond the scope of this men’s circle.

Logistics & Cost

Meets Wednesday evenings on the dates listed above at SheChanges in Portland, Maine
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $550 for series of five circles (yes, monthly payment options are available)

This group is nearly full, but there still might be room for you or someone else you know if he is a good fit. For more specifics about how the circle is run and what you can expect contact Lael.

Front Row Seats: Films That Benefit

Posted March 8th, 2013

Front Row SeatsHave you ever heard someone talk about a great documentary and thought, “Oh, I SO want to see that!” But then time passes…and you forget was it was called or what it was about. Then you see another good one pop up on Facebook, and you make a mental note to see that one. But then you don’t. And you continue in this fashion until you have a stack of really good intentions, just like the stack of books you want to read when you “have time.” I SO get that.

But the good news is you’re not alone!

There’s a lot of good documentaries out there – films about and by women that are changing the world. They are relevant and compelling to women like us, but for whatever reason, we have not gotten around to see them yet. And let’s be honest: some things are just meant to be seen in the company of others. So in that regard, maybe it’s a good thing you haven’t seen all those documentaries yet…you were just waiting for the right crowd to see them with you.

Front Row Seats is the crowd you’ve been waiting for.

Join us at any one of these documentary viewings and feel the power of watching these ground-breaking films in a community of like-minded individuals. Buy a ticket to Front Row Seats and experience how feelings of hope, inspiration, determination and commitment to creating change in our world can be amplified and galvanized among an audience that is awake and connected to each other and our world. Together, we’ll watch some of the most talked about, critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries that celebrate and honor the power, perspective, and creative forces within women to affect change in our world.

But here’s the really cool part: Your Ticket = $$$ to Support MORE Change for Women

When you buy a Front Row Seat to any of these viewings, 100% of your ticket will benefit an organization that is dedicated to leading, creating, and stimulating positive forces of change for and among women in the world.

So by carving out time in your busy day life to finally see that documentary that’s been on your mind, you’re actually becoming part of something bigger. You’re creating a ripple of change that will benefit another woman on the other side of the globe. How cool is that? What better reason to get out your calendar, rally your friends – women AND men alike! – save the date, and buy your ticket.

Upcoming Event Details:

Makers Women Who Make America






The following documentaries are “on the list” and will be featured at a future Front Row Seat event:

Get Real! Wise Women SpeakHalf the Sky - Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women WorldwideConnected by Tiffany SchlainRed Tent Movie - Things We Don't Talk About

HerMojo: A Benefit Dance

Posted February 28th, 2013

HerMojo - JeanneYou know what’s awesome? Dancing your ass off and making a difference all that the same time!
What a great way to kick off the new year!

We raised $1,000 for Planned Parenthood Northern New England this year!

Thanks to the 68 women who came out for this annual benefit dance this past January and the amazing people at Mayo Street Arts that help to make this event possible with their space, the SheChanges community was able to donate another $1000 to Planned Parenthood—bringing our total donation up to $2,500 over the past three years!  Just by dancing our hearts out. And you betcha we’ll back to do it again in 2020—save the date: January 11th!

New to HerMojo? Want to know what it’s about? Read on, my friend…

There’s something that happens for a woman when she dances. Especially when she’s barefoot and is in a place mentally and physically where she can lose herself in the music.

It has to do with accessing power, of that, I am certain. When a woman dances just for herself she plugs into something mighty powerful and primal. And ancient. Some might say archetypal.

HerMojo is an event to celebrate the power of women’s movement – individually and collectively.

HerMojo will be happening next January 11th, 2020—it’s becoming an annual tradition with us!

When: Saturday, January 11th from 8:30-10:30 pm  (doors open at 8:15)
Where: Mayo Street Arts, Portland, Maine
Why: Seriously? …Why not!? 100% Proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood Northern New England
Tickets will be available in December at Brown Paper Tickets ($20 in advance) or at the door that night ($25)

Need more convincing? Read on, my friend.

The late Gabrielle Roth, suggested physical movement was the key to unlocking the spirit, and organized her whole life around helping others to “sweat their prayers”. She believed “dance is the fastest and most direct way to truth.”

I wholeheartedly agree.


And when women dance together? It has the capacity to wake up the world. That was the premise behind Eve Ensler’s brainchild event: One Billion Rising, an event designed to invite women to dance together all across the globe on Valentine’s Day 2013 to create a “feminist tsunami” that would heal our world by awakening and harnessing the power of our collective consciousness through movement.

I so want to be a part of all that. And right now (more than ever…) we could all use some of that, am I right?

HerMojo is a benefit dance for women and femme folx.

No sticky floors, no creepy on-lookers, no cramped spaces. Just a whole lotta awesome women losing (and finding) themselves as they shake their tail feathers to some hot rockin’ tunes. HerMojo offers women and femme folx an informal, safe, and sassy opportunity to dance their heart outs with other like-minded women doing the same. No guided instructions or choreography, no planned program, no expectations, and no prior experience necessary. Just a desire to have some fun and cut loose.

And yes, there will be a disco ball.

The benefits are many: you’ll find your mojo (or your swagger or your smile), you’ll meet some like-minded women, and your body will thank you for allowing it to move more freely for a spell.

But the biggest benefit is that 100% of all the ticket sales from this dance will benefit an organization that directly supports women and girls. We will be dancing for more than just ourselves that night.

Let’s shimmy and shake what our mamas gave us — while also raising some money that will support women’s health beyond the scope of our dance floor!

Save the date for 2020, my friend, and I’ll see you there: January 11th, 2020. Let’s do this.

Thank you to all the women who came out and joined me for this benefit dance in the past!
In April 2013, we raised $500 for a local women’s shelter here in Portland
In January 2017, we raised $900 for Planned Parenthood Northern New England.
In January 2018, we raised $575 for Planned Parenthood Northern New England.
In January 2019, we raised $1000 for Planned Parenthood Northern New England.

Let’s dance our truth out as women. Together.

Under Lael’s guidance (a perfect cocktail of masterful)

Posted March 1st, 2012

Lael’s constant quest at reframing topics of discussion

Posted March 1st, 2012

Lael creates heart-opening

Posted March 1st, 2012

Workshops & Speaking

Posted January 20th, 2012

If you are an organizational leader or conference planner interested in engaging your community in topics relevant to women, look here to see the various offerings I bring as a workshop facilitator, conference presenter and speaker. I design customized learning experiences and presentations that are engaging, inspiring and actionable.

Women’s Leadership

Customized workshops, presentations and facilitated discussions designed to create more awareness, deepen appreciation and invite women of all sectors to more fully leverage their innate skills and instincts as women leaders. These sessions incorporate the latest research , statistics and resources that underscore the competitive advantage that women bring to the workplace as leaders.

Lael’s personal experience and stories deeply resonated with my own as a leader. I really appreciated the references to reading materials and books – very helpful. I left this class feeling better about myself and my ability to be a leader and appreciated the opportunity to see myself as the leader I already am.”

Group Dynamics & Facilitation

Interactive learning experiences for the novice as well as the seasoned facilitator of groups, meetings and larger systems. The focus of these sessions is on understanding personal impact, appreciating the development and dynamics, and more effectively “reading” and intervening with a group to better serve its outcomes.

“I have a much clearer understanding of my role as a facilitator and I’m not as afraid of not doing it right. I am feeling much more confident. Lael was great – not only did she provide some great information and tools, but watching her facilitate was very helpful.”

The Culture of Women

Group dialogues and learning forums designed to explore the unique perspectives we bring as women.  Looking through the lens of the archetypal feminine to offer context and insight our values and principles, women examine their relationship to power, voice, personal sustainability, and how women can use our networks and innate abilities to support each other more effectively in the workplace and in life.

“I was able to share my opinions, challenges and discoveries with a judgement-free sounding board of supportive women.  Lael’s facilitation inspired me to find a deeper understanding of myself.”

Navigating Work/Life Integration

Workshops and group discussions specifically designed with the busy working woman in mind. Topics range from navigating maternity leaves, opting-out of the workplace, and creating time for ourselves in the context of all our other roles.

“Lael was an absolute gem to listen to… she was informative, engaging and extremely knowledgeable.”