What The Flock

2015-05-14 10.45.43“I thought I was the only one… who thought that… felt that…wanted that…experienced that…

I live to hear that phrase in my work, because to my ears, that’s the sound of a woman not feeling alone anymore. That’s the sound of woman realizing she’s not crazy.

That’s the sound of a woman validating herself.

How do I know this? Because for many years, I was that woman. In many ways and on many occasions, I felt like was all alone. As a result, I often diminished or downright dismissed my opinions and ideas. I wrote them off as “crazy.” But that all changed when I created SheChanges, and heard many, many women over the years, saying similar versions of my story and sharing their perspectives and perceptions that felt like extensions my own. And like me, these women thought they were alone, too.

But we’re not alone. We’re heretics. Big difference.

What I’ve come to appreciate over the past ten years in my business, is that the women I work with are actually part of a flock – they just don’t know it yet. Part of my work – and complete joy – has been to design experiences that demonstrate this fact to them again and again. My Homecoming retreat, SheSpeaks evening of storytelling, On Being a Woman Circle, and Mustang Sallies Posse have all been born out of this desire. It’s been so much fun to pull back the curtain and say, “See? And you thought you were alone…Look! Listen! Feel! These are your women!”

2015-05-14 10.24.51As my business has expanded nationally, our flock has grown in size. But you might not realize it. I work with pockets of women all over the country who are often exploring the same topics with similar perspectives, wanting the same change and bumping into similar frustrations, playing with the same ideas and not realizing they are part of a larger movement.

I’ve started to see we are quite a badass and formidable flock of women.
Larger than even I imagined.

And you know what they say, right? Birds of a feather

For years, I’ve been itching to hit the open-road and gather these flocks of women together, but the time has never been quite right. But now, having just written a book and starting to talk more with women about the central premise and purpose of it, I’m starting to see how those words I’ve written on the pages are more than simply my story. They are the words of our flock. And I, for one, am itchy to hear more about that. My curiosity, together with the pull of desire from my clients and these pockets of women in various cities across the country to gather, to connect, to inspire, to validate…to flock, has got me thinking…

2015-05-14 10.38.05What the flock!? I’m doing it. Or rather, them.

So I’m hitting the road this fall after doing a few gatherings in my home base of Maine this summer, and I’m going to be gathering pockets of us all over the country.

What the flock events are intimate, informal and badass gatherings of women that are customized and designed with you – and our fabulous flock – in mind. Each one will be different. Working together with a host in each of the cities I will be visiting, we will be inviting groups of 10-20 women who are destined to connect but haven’t yet had the chance. We’ll spend a couple hours together in the evening bouncing around some of the most relevant and juicy concepts, desires, and topics that the host bird and I will have selected in advance based on the group that’s gathering. That being said, we’ll stay open to how our conversation that evening wants to unfold, because that’s how we roll. We follow the electric energy.

Because those are two things I do really well – connect women and frame up conversations that feel relevant and juicy.

Women who come to a What the Flock gathering will either know me, the host, or at least one other bird, so right away you know you’re bound to be among your people. We’ll work our magic as match-makers and connect the dots among the pockets of women we know in that city to form a flockin’ awesome gathering of women. It’ll be part strategy and part serendipity – my favorite combination. All you’ll need to do is be open to the invitation, say yes, and pay a nominal fee to hold your flocking seat at the gathering! Easy peasy.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll leave these gatherings feeling connected (to yourself and perhaps some new women), inspired (like your pot has been stirred, and the juices are flowing again), and more committed (knowing that you’re not alone/crazy, your instincts are onto something, and you’re ready/know how to take action).

Sound good? I thought it might. But hold that thought if you wouldn’t mind while I work out the details…

I’m currently talking with my host birds and trying to line up some dates and cities. To whet your appetite, here is the preliminary list of places What the Flock gatherings will hopefully be happening:

Maine (Portland, Camden)
New Hampshire (Exeter)
Massachusetts (Boston)
Rhodes Island (Providence)
New York (Brooklyn)
New Jersey (TBD)
Georgia (Atlanta)
New Mexico (Santa Fe)
California (Bay area)
Washington (TBD)
Illinois (Chicago)
Missouri (St. Louis)

Don’t see your city listed above and want to? Let’s talk. Interested in learning more and staying in the loop as the details fall into place? Follow my Facebook page or reach out directly to me so I have you in my sites!

Because why the flock not, right?