Partnering with women to create change

Can you imagine what our world would be like if women could bring their full gifts to bear?

If we are blazing trails now, can you even imagine what would be possible if more of us created from a place of....freedom? Without the need to explain, apologize, justify, get permission, negotiate or twist ourselves into a pretzel at every blessed turn in the road?

My name is Lael, and I want to live in that world sooner than later.

And that, my friend, is why I created SheChanges. It's all about change powered by women—individually and collectively—to lead us toward that future.

I help women to move forward on their own terms and in their own way—boldly, unapologetically, and with a great deal of intention.

My work is designed to support badass women like you in finding the crack in the matrix, a wrinkle in time, and your very own platform 9 3/4 to help inspire and move you—and then all of us—to action. Not by becoming someone you're not—but by embodying more of who you already are. Naturally.

If you've found your way here, rest assured you're no longer alone. You're in really good company, actually.

So welcome aboard, woman. Let's ride.

Lung Capacity

May 19, 2020

When I was in high school, I went through the rigorous process of becoming a lifeguard, learning water safety, rescue skills and the basics of first aid, CPR and how to mobilize someone in the event of a back injury. It made sense that I was drawn to this, even as most knew me to be a runner. Water, it seemed, was my first home. […]

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Selah: My Annual Sacred Pause

For the past seven years I have taken the month of August “off” to create an intentional pause in my year. During that month, I am my only client. The first time I took it, I feared it was self-indulgent. Now I can point to it as the single most strategic thing I do for my business. Books have been born out of it. Pivots happen as a result. Clarity finds me in this space. Bold and wise decisions are made from the deep listening, noticing and feeling that happens here. I call it my “selah”—an ancient Hebrew concept of holy silence that holds the space between the notes. My clients know the power of that space—for themselves and for me. So that’s where I am in August, my friends, and I’ll be back on September 1st, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Selah.


The Beach: A Place For White Women To Gather in Support of Racial Justice

I’m so damn excited about this and—BONUS!—I’m not alone! White women who share my desire to create some structure and accountability to do their anti-racism work have flocked to The Beach since I opened it for registration on July 1st. 100% of the registration fees are donated to Rachel Cargle’s Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund, and our July gift of over $1,200 was a fantastic way to start! This isn’t training, curriculum, a program or a book club. It’s a constant invitation to keep showing up to our work as white women, and it’s an opportunity to harness the power of our collective learning as we do it—all while benefiting the lives of Black women and girls seeking financial assistance for therapy. Join us on The Beach to be a part of something bigger than yourself so that all of our boats rise together.
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Ignite with Me: A Self-Guided, Deeper Dive Into Your Fire

Many of you have shared that reading my books feels like we’re having a conversation together. Here’s a chance to build on that feeling—and you don’t need to be in Maine to participate. This FREE five-module online course will offer a deeper-dive for those interested my second book, Ignite: Lighting the Leader Fire. Proceed at your own pace or use it as a structure for a virtual book club, but come Ignite with Me and let’s go inside the pages to explore what that means and how that looks to you in action! Inside, you will find the footsteps over over 60 women who have go through the course already, so have at it!  More information.

My Virtual Talk on Women-Powered Change

Virtual Women Of The Chamber

On May 5th, I spoke at the first ever VIRTUAL gathering of the Women of the Chamber. It was right after COVID shuttered us in, and I was given free rein (my favorite kind of direction…) to talk about women’s leadership in the context of this new normal we found ourselves in. Over 300 people attended the call and nearly 500 people have watched the talk on YouTube since, so it’s clear I struck a timely nerve. Feel free to take a peak to see how I wove together some stories, stats, and specifics to reveal how change powered by women looks in action and why it matters more now than ever.
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Ignite: Lighting The Leader Fire—My Second Book!

My second book, Ignite: Lighting The Leader Fire was released in December 2019 and is now available for sale at online book sellers—as well as Print Books and Sherman’s Book Shop locally in Portland, Maine!  The enthusiastic reception and comments from readers have warmed my heart and blown me away…THANK YOU! If you want to get a deeper look at my own story of Ignite, what happened next, or how best to light YOUR own fire—especially in these wild times we find ourselves in—check out my FREE online course that I’ve created as a companion guide to this second book of mine. I’m an open book, so pull up a chair and strike a match, Sister. Let’s do this.  Pick up your copy here!

My DisruptHR Talk on Why Women Leave

In June of 2019, I spoke at DisruptHR 2.0 in Portland, Maine—a storytelling event that’s all about “the rebellious future of HR”. It was a powerhouse evening, and I was honored to take the stage as the final story of the line up that night. Click on the link below to watch the video of my talk about why women leave organizations and the “secret code” that tells you they’re on the move.  More information.

Maine Women’s Magazine Interview

I was so honored to be featured in the March issue of Maine Women's Magazine on "Women Who Inspire". The writer described me as bumping up against a live wire. I'll take that.