Partnering with women to create change

Can you imagine what our world would be like if women could bring their full gifts to bear?

If we are blazing trails now, can you even imagine what would be possible if more of us created from a place of....freedom? Without the need to explain, apologize, justify, get permission, negotiate or twist ourselves into a pretzel at every blessed turn in the road?

My name is Lael, and I want to live in that world sooner than later.

And that, my friend, is why I created SheChanges. It's all about change powered by women—individually and collectively—to lead us toward that future.

I help women to move forward on their own terms and in their own way—boldly, unapologetically, and with a great deal of intention.

My work is designed to support badass women like you in finding the crack in the matrix, a wrinkle in time, and your very own platform 9 3/4 to help inspire and move you—and then all of us—to action. Not by becoming someone you're not—but by embodying more of who you already are. Naturally.

If you've found your way here, rest assured you're no longer alone. You're in really good company, actually.

So welcome aboard, woman. Let's ride.

Who Do We Choose To Be? Another Reckoning.

July 9, 2021

I was sitting on my front lawn the other day staring at the two items in my online cart—one was a book, the other was a weapon. Clearly I had chosen to purchase these at some point in time, and I was struck by their stark contrast. It felt like a reckoning or one of those moments of truth—like in the Matrix when Neo has […]

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June 29

LIVE Bonfire Call at The Beach

If you’re not familiar with The Beach, it is the online gathering place I created for white women (like me) to gather to do our anti-racism work together. 100% of each $74.99 registration is donated to The Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund (we’ve contributed $2,700 to date). Far from a program or a course, it’s a space to hold your intentions, be accountable to doing your work (however that looks to you), and be inspired to keep putting your foot on the gas. It’s been open since June 2020 and this will be the final LIVE Bonfire gathering for members in this format, as I am relaunching my website this fall and will be reconfiguring this offering moving forward. My deepest appreciation to the 36 members who have travelled with me over the past year—there is power in white women doing our racial justice work together. Here’s to that.   More information

September 7

Brand new SheChanges site launch!

This website has served me well for an embarrassingly long number of years, but I’m happy to announce that a brand new one will be launched in this fall! I’ve waited patiently for this moment—through writing two books (Unscripted in 2015 and Ignite 2019), coaching many, many incredible leaders, gathering countless circles of amazing women, and hosting 12 evenings of women’s storytelling. Among other things. I’ve been super busy this summer rebranding and writing copy to get it ready for visitors, and I can’t wait for you to see it! Be sure to come back and visit me then to check it out!
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November 1

I’m heading off social media—completely

My 53rd birthday present to myself this November is a bold one—but one that I’ve been eyeing for years. I’ve made the decision to delete all my social media accounts this year, and my birthday (Nov 1)  is when it’s all going to go down. If you want to know why that is, you’ll want to enter your email in the sidebar to the right to become a subscriber because email is the place I will be connecting and having conversations with my community moving forward. They’ll be plenty of give-aways and and I’ve got some fun things in store this fall to lead up to that moment, but if you want to be a part of it now, please make sure to hop on the Lael train list by entering your email! I promise to make it worth your while.

November 18

On Being a Woman

Oh how I’ve missed—but it’s back! This fall, I will once again be offering one of my signature circles for a small group of women. This experience is near and dear to my heart—in many ways, it is the red heart at the center of my business. Held over the course of five months and designed to hold the space for a small group of women to gather throughout the dark winter months, this is circle offers solace, validation, inspiration and community exploration about what it means to be woman in the world. There are only five spots, and it generally fills up by September, so if you’ve ever had this on your wish list, please let me know so we can see if it’s a good fit for you this year.   More information.

My Virtual Talk on Women-Powered Change

Virtual Women Of The Chamber

On May 5th, I spoke at the first ever VIRTUAL gathering of the Women of the Chamber. It was right after COVID shuttered us in, and I was given free rein (my favorite kind of direction…) to talk about women’s leadership in the context of this new normal we found ourselves in. Over 300 people attended the call and nearly 500 people have watched the talk on YouTube since, so it’s clear I struck a timely nerve. Feel free to take a peak to see how I wove together some stories, stats, and specifics to reveal how change powered by women looks in action and why it matters more now than ever.
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Ignite: Lighting The Leader Fire—My Second Book!

My second book, Ignite: Lighting The Leader Fire was released in December 2019 and is now available for sale at online book sellers—as well as Print Books and Sherman’s Book Shop locally in Portland, Maine!  The enthusiastic reception and comments from readers have warmed my heart and blown me away…THANK YOU! If you want to get a deeper look at my own story of Ignite, what happened next, or how best to light YOUR own fire—especially in these wild times we find ourselves in—check out my FREE online course that I’ve created as a companion guide to this second book of mine. I’m an open book, so pull up a chair and strike a match, Sister. Let’s do this.  Pick up your copy here!

My DisruptHR Talk on Why Women Leave

In June of 2019, I spoke at DisruptHR 2.0 in Portland, Maine—a storytelling event that’s all about “the rebellious future of HR”. It was a powerhouse evening, and I was honored to take the stage as the final story of the line up that night. Click on the link below to watch the video of my talk about why women leave organizations and the “secret code” that tells you they’re on the move.  More information.

Maine Women’s Magazine Interview

I was so honored to be featured in the March issue of Maine Women's Magazine on "Women Who Inspire". The writer described me as bumping up against a live wire. I'll take that.