My Kinda People

The Secret SauceI choose my clients – and my clients choose me – with a great deal of intention. I like to think we find each other. I make no bones about it: I don’t work with just anybody. I’m actually quite discerning, and my clients seem to appreciate that about me.  Because they are, too. We’re a lot alike that way.

In order to facilitate that “finding” happening, I use words and images (call it a brand, a genetic code, or a genome) very deliberately that are designed to be a bit of a magnet – to pull the people toward me that speak my language, share my passion for creating change, and are eager to assume responsibility for making it happen – ready or not.

I call them badasses, pirates, radicals, rebels, heretics, boat rockers, apple cart upsetters, mavericks. Like me, they tend to be creative, intuitive, playful, curious, and big-hearted. They work hard, love a good challenge and prefer to move fast. They are decisive, impatient, fiery, opinionated, fiercely loyal, and stubborn as hell.

Secret SauceAnd while they tend to take on a lot and prefer to be busy, they can also find themselves exhausted, fluctuating between uber confidence and major self-doubt. They also tend to think they’re the only one who feels like this, and they drink up the company of kindred spirits like water.

We’re not all the same, that’s for sure. But I will say this: the women – and a few men – whom I have worked with over the years all share my affinity for the same secret sauce. It’s more than just a philosophy or a set of values…it’s a way we are actively choosing to be in the world. It’s the ingredients we find most delicious and use liberally to season our stews.

I call it our secret sauce. And I serve it up by the bucket load.

It’s not for everybody, that much I’ll assure you. But if you find yourself reading through the list of ingredients below, salivating and yelling “YES!”, then you’re my person.

  • Hard is one way to do it, but easy and natural is infinitely more fun.
  • Being ready is highly overrated.
  • Figuring it out as you go works a lot better than most people let on.
  • We have a lot more (ideas, courage, choices) than we typically give ourselves credit for, so calling bullshit on ourselves is fair game.
  • We don’t want to be given the answers, told what to do, or “managed” – we want to be free to create, design, make art, make it up, make mistakes, make fortunes.
  • We don’t do well when asked to settle – it just doesn’t sit well. Or make sense.
  • A change of heart – or mind – is part of the creative process. It’s why we course-correct so well.
  • We get inspired by boldness, bravery and audacity.
  • Words are like dark chocolate to us – they matter and we kinda get off on finding just the right one.
  • We are committed to leaving the world better than we found it.
  • Swearing combined with a wicked sense of humor is a surprisingly good lubricant for change.
  • There’s really no such thing as “the way things are” – that just an excuse.
  • We believe in leaving a legacy – the kind that’s primal and has us make the most of our time on this earth.
  • We talk about things in terms of being sexy, electric, juicy, magnetic and fanfuckingtastic.
  • There are definite links between creativity, spirituality, and movement – it’s all related.
  • Realness, honesty and plain truths are so damn refreshing – sexy, even.
  • It’s not about having the time, getting that degree, reading the right book or meeting the right people. It’s just not.
  • The world needs what each of us has inside us (our ideas, passions, solutions, love), so spit it out already.

Sound familiar?

Let’s make a point to meet.

You find me or I’ll find you. But let’s make it happen sooner rather than later.