Who Do We Choose To Be? Another Reckoning.

Posted July 9th, 2021

I was sitting on my front lawn the other day staring at the two items in my online cart—one was a book, the other was a weapon. Clearly I had chosen to purchase these at some point in time, and I was struck by their stark contrast. It felt like a reckoning or one of those moments of truth—like in the Matrix when Neo has […]

The Other Way: Women Leading with Our Full Power

Posted May 5th, 2021

When I was a little girl, I used to loll on my bed looking up at the ceiling when I was supposed to be getting ready for school. I used to wonder about things, looking up at that blank expanse of nothingness, untainted by nail holes, fingerprints, or scuff marks.   I wondered what it would be like if the whole house were upside-down. I […]

Pockets Full of Vignettes and Gems

Posted April 16th, 2021

I vote for life imitating art. You know that chicken-and-egg question we’ve asked ourselves throughout time—does art imitate life or life imitate art? I choose art. I know it’s not a forced choice and that technically we don’t need to vote…but I’m here to take a stand for art. So often in the sixteen years I’ve been in this business of SheChanges, I have heard […]

The (Re)Birth of a Nation

Posted January 8th, 2021

Years ago, as I rapidly approached the birth of my first child, I started to wonder (panic, honestly), “How the $&%$ is this all going to go down…exactly!?” My wise midwife gave me great counsel. She said that nature would run its course. She reminded me that my body was built for this and would know what to do. In the meantime, she suggested it […]

A Letter To Myself in 2019: Of Course You’re A Racist

Posted December 28th, 2020

Hey there. It’s me, Lael. I’m writing to you from December 2020 to prime the pump for where you’ll be headed in the next year. This is the letter I wish someone had given me a year ago. I think it might have helped on all those dark nights of my white soul. So….2020. Here’s the deal: a raging pandemic will sweep across the globe […]

Tuesday’s Instructions

Posted December 15th, 2020

The morning wakes me before the alarm. Eyes open, the bluebird sky fills the windows. My body exhales and a smile forms under my ribcage. Winter sun. A welcome sight after the cold gray steel of yesterday. Warm socks. Hot coffee. My favorite chair in a patch of sun. Silence as the house still sleeps. The dog curled up on the carpet next to me. […]

Daily Verse 11.30.20—The Opposite of Dangerous

Posted November 30th, 2020

This fall I started to refer to myself as “dangerous”. I don’t know that it was conscious, but it was more of a consistent mumbling I started to do out loud to those that know me well. Ordinarily outspoken and opinionated, it was like I had entered a new realm, which included brash, aggressive and angry. It was that “angry feminist” feeling I feared—except not […]

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