Daily Verse 11.28.20—My Ancestors

Posted November 28th, 2020

I was listening to an interview with Rachel Cargle, activist and founder of the Loveland Foundation, the other day and she shared she had a stickie note on her fridge that read: “I am my ancestors wildest dream.” It was intended to inspire her to do right by those who came before her, to build off of all the work that had been done before […]

Daily Verse 11.27.20—White Womanness

Posted November 27th, 2020

I am a woman who has spent much of her professional energies in the world being a supporter and champion of women’s leadership. I’m also a woman who didn’t realize she was a woman until my early 30s and pregnant with my first child—a fact, which revealed me to myself in this man’s world. Those two things taken at face value seem at odds with […]

Daily Post 11.26.20—Truly Grateful for a Non-Holiday

Posted November 26th, 2020

I have struggled with the celebration of Thanksgiving my whole life. When I was young, I couldn’t understand why I felt the way I felt. I just did. To me, the holiday always felt wildly inappropriate. In another generation, I wonder if a little girl might have felt similarly at picnic with her family at a public lynching. I felt as if I were being […]

Daily Verse 11.25.20—Invitation of the Night

Posted November 25th, 2020

The houses in my neighborhood are fairly close together. So much so that we can actually catch a glimpse of people inside sharing meals, doing dishes, or even see what they’re watching on television. Having lived in this neighborhood for nearly twenty-five years, and being a relatively private person myself, I like to think that most people learn to avert their eyes and not look […]

Daily Verse 11.24.20—Before…and After Caste

Posted November 24th, 2020

I want to write a love letter to Isabel Wilkerson for writing her book Caste. I want to go up to every white person on the street, every history teacher in white suburban America, every white CEO in the country, every white board chairperson, every senator and state representative and ask this: “HAVE YOU READ CASTE YET!!!??? YOU ‘VE GOTTA TO READ CASTE.” That’s how […]

Daily Verse 11.23.20—Vespers

Posted November 23rd, 2020

As darkness comes early these days, I’ve decided to reclaim the ancient practice of vespers to harness the power of our home as a sacred space. I want to melt into the invitation this season asks of us—to go into the dark for inspiration, for guidance, for comfort—so I’ve been turning to poetry each day, and writing down in my journal the particular ones that […]

Daily Verse 11.22.20—Duat

Posted November 22nd, 2020

I feel really forgetful these days, and when I pause to consider all the bits and pieces I ask my mind to hold, organize and retrieve for me, I am floored. Passwords, phone numbers, facts and figures, to do lists, codes and combinations, schedules and appointments, daily, monthly and annual events and obligations…no wonder our brains are so tired and full, even with our smart […]