Ditch the Soggy Bread

Posted July 14th, 2010

I hear it again and again from women I work with… “I make a comment or suggest an idea and nothing happens. Then a man suggests the same idea five minutes later and everyone says, ‘good idea!” We could go down a road of looking how society diminishes or makes invisible women’s voices. But I have a juicier place to look: how YOU are creating […]

Seeing Is Believing

Posted July 8th, 2010

I have this sign on my fence – strategically placed so that I see it multiple times a day. I see it when I pull into my driveway. I see it out the window when I’m coaching clients. It’s that important. In many ways, it represents the belief on which my business – no, really my life – is based. Sure it’s a bit rusty […]

Of COURSE It’s Terrifying!

Posted July 1st, 2010

The potency of anticipation is so often underrated. It can be quite a sticky-wicket to set realistic expectations. Especially when you’re scared. Or full of doubt. I mean, you make a BOLD decision, you finally COMMIT to something that’s important to you, you take that FIRST step toward your dreams, you LEAVE the fleecy blanket of comfort for the open tundra of the unknown and […]


Posted June 30th, 2010

Like a good piece of fat wood thrown on a fire or the exuberant face of a child’s first cannonball, June arrives with a POW and makes itself known in a hurry. June is a bit like being shot out of a cannon – it’s all dark and muffled at first and then before you know it, you’re airborne, sailing high above the crowds gathered […]

Now You See Her, Now You Don’t

Posted June 21st, 2010

I’m not too keen on what we do to older women in this society. It seems we have become quite adept at making them invisible and that bothers me deeply, partly because I will eventually be an older woman myself and also because I have this nagging sense that I’ve unwittingly played a role in perpetuating this tendency to marginalize older women. There are many […]

Hardiness Zones for Women

Posted June 8th, 2010

Sometimes it’s really lonely being a woman leader, isn’t it? I have found this to be true in my own experience and hear it echoed time and time again among the women leaders in my practice. And it’s no wonder why: we live in a society that tends to be obsessed with pitting women against each other. This is more than a little disturbing because […]

Spine a Shotlight

Posted June 3rd, 2010

You know when someone says something by accident? And it turns out to be this profound statement of truth? I witnessed one of those recently. It happened during a conversation about leadership with some other women at the Maine Women’s Fund. The essence of the conversation was about women stepping up more immediately up as leaders; not waiting for permission, authorization or “just the right” […]