Daily Verse 11.21.20—The Temple of Divinity

Posted November 21st, 2020

When I was much younger, a boyfriend commented on how deeply spiritual I was. He was Episcopalian and a product of Jesuit schools, so I dismissed his comment—and dismissed him shortly after. But his words always stuck with me. Somehow I knew how clearly he had seen or sensed something in me that I wasn’t yet ready to see or sense myself. I had confused […]

Daily Verse 11.20.20—Riding Thermals

Posted November 20th, 2020

I read this great passage the other day in The Enchanted Life by Sharon Blackie—so good it stopped me in my tracks. Someone was explaining to her the difference between gliding and riding as it relates to the sport of hang gliding. Anyone can glide, it seems. It’s a simple matter of letting the wings of the apparatus do their job, carrying you down to […]

Daily Verse 11.19.20—No More Cruise Control

Posted November 19th, 2020

I feel unusually strong about not using the cruise control function while driving a car, and it’s a big bone of contention in our family. I don’t get it and no one gets me. I get the logic and the rationale behind it—how it is more fuel efficient and ensures you’re not speeding, but it all feels so….controlling to me. I want to be the […]

Daily Verse 11.18.20—Breaking The Seal

Posted November 18th, 2020

You know what my idea of hell is? Walking into a room where there is so much to be said but no one is saying it—where people are making small talk with saccharine smiles, but you can just sense the river of shit coursing through the room. Entering a room like that feels like trying to get onto a really crowded subway during the evening […]

Daily Verse 11.17.20—Always Do Your Best Is Bullshit

Posted November 17th, 2020

I caught myself in a whopper of a lie to my kids not too long ago, and it resulted in me taking a good dose of my own medicine. In our house, we talk a lot about not “mailing it in” when it comes to showing up to our responsibilities in life, be it commitments to school, work, or community. We believe in that, we […]

Daily Verse 11.16.20—Tired Technology

Posted November 16th, 2020

I’ve decided I’m going to stop trying to understand what’s going on with technology, and let it just sort itself out. Hacking, malware, upgrades, bugs, fixes, hardware, software, modems, chargers, cables, battery power, memory problems, glitches, dropped signals….it’s just all so exhausting. And yet there is the pervasive sense we need it to function, like our breath or a liver. What does that say about […]

Daily Verse 11.15.20—Things I Didn’t Know

Posted November 15th, 2020

It’s true what they say, I think, about the longer you live, the more you realize you don’t know. I wouldn’t have believed that in my 20s. But then again, I thought I knew everything back then. There is a certain humility that comes with age that I have found to be quite liberating. I’ve taken to keeping a list, actually, of everything I discover […]