Daily Verse 11.7.20: Read My Face

Posted November 7th, 2020

My eldest son told me about the climate change countdown clock in NYC. I hadn’t heard about it—maybe because it’s not in my backyard here in Maine. Apparently on Sept 20th of this year, the clock was set to 7 years, and is now counting down…visually demonstrating that time is limited before the effects of climate change or beyond repair and irreversible. He said the whole […]

Daily Verse 11.6.20: Wasting Time Isn’t Time Wasted

Posted November 6th, 2020

Some days I am struck but just how messed up our relationship to the word “waste” is. I have clients in my office every day talking sheepishly about how they feel like they’re wasting time. When we get curious about what they have done that falls into that category, you know what they say? I slept in, I didn’t do anything productive, I just reorganized […]

Daily Verse 11.5.20: Being A Mammal

Posted November 5th, 2020

Remember that one beautiful line in Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese, where she writes about letting “the soft animal of our body love what it loves.” That part. The animal. I forget I am one sometimes. Many times, in fact. I forget the basics like drinking water and remembering to pee. I fall asleep to the fact that animals don’t function well—or long–under abusive conditions. […]

Daily Verse 11.4.20: Just Keep Swimming

Posted November 4th, 2020

I cannot tell you how much inspiration I have gotten from that little blue angel fish, Dory, in the movie Finding Nemo. Remember her? She was a kind and beautiful spirit inside a fish’s body, and had the unfortunate (or was it her saving grace?) affliction of having no short-term memory. As a result, she greeted every thing, everyone, and every moment, anew—with wonder and […]

Daily Verse 11.3.20: A Bundle of Contradictions

Posted November 3rd, 2020

How is it I can be a champion of women’s leadership and be brought to my knees by the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett? How is it I can be so full of gratitude for this time we’re in and so full of despair? How is it I can feel so connected to people at a time of such intense disconnect? How is it I […]

Daily Verse 11.2.20: Being Awake

Posted November 2nd, 2020

I am a menopausal white woman in the middle of a pandemic. And I’m awake. Not just in the political/activist sense (which honestly makes me twitch a little every time I hear it—because it feels self righteous and congratulatory when a white person says it), but in a very literal sense. I’m literally not sleeping. And yet, I’m exhausted. At times it feels like torture—going […]

Daily Verse 11.1.20: Captain’s Log

Posted November 1st, 2020

There is this scene from the movie The Dead Poet Society that haunts me. It’s where Robin Williams, an irreverent and heretical new teacher at this traditional boarding school, gathers his students around him in class one day (“huddle up!”) and quotes a couple of lines from Walt Whitman’s poem Oh Me, Oh Life! In it, Whitman is pondering the questions of life and poses […]