Can I Really Want This?

Posted February 12th, 2019

There is a deep and keen noticing in this space, and it descends upon you like a mist that completely soaks your clothing without it raining—an awareness of something that saturates your consciousness in a manner of minutes.

This is the place were instincts wake up and want to govern, like a feral part of you that has followed a scent on the wind, and knows there is something good and right for you here. To look at. To eat.

This is the place where time slows and outside distractions hush, leaving only this question that slowly melts on the tongue like chocolate: Do you want this? Which, of course you do, reaching for it with your whole body before any words are said.

This is where desire takes root and begins to infiltrate your consciousness, occupying your thoughts, invading your dreams, and hijacking your attention every spare moment as longing starts to fill you up ridiculously fast like a return tide coming back in.

Which might have you quickly correcting yourself with phrases like “silly”, “crazy”, “delusional” or “totally unrealistic” to describe what has momentarily overtaken the more rational side of you like a body-snatcher.

But this, if you’re really observant, is where a decision is made. Something shifts inside you, and you’ll track it back to this moment much later. A pinky swear happens. A soul oath is taken. This is where something in us says a deep and resounding YES.

In our bodies, that is. Our minds? They’re not necessarily on board just yet, but are momentarily stunned into submission by the sheer power of desire flooding the senses.

Which means this is the moment we begin to set ourselves free— with permission to want what we want. A green light to go after what we’ve seen. Self-authorization to make it happen.


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