About My Clients

My clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate leaders, human resource professionals, consultants and executive directors. 

They are opening their own businesses and launching new practices.

They are leading established organizations toward a renewed vision.

They are facing significant challenges and see them as opportunities for growth.

They have had a successful business for years and are asking, “now what?”

They are spearheading a committed group of believers to action.

That’s what they do. But this is who they are:

  • They like to be in charge and are comfortable with being a leader (even if they don’t consider themselves a leader).
  • They are not interested in preserving the status quo. They like change and are often the architects of it.
  • They don’t want someone to tell them what to do or give them the answers. They want to reach their own conclusions, but value collaboration, context, insight and a witness to ride shotgun.
  • They’re highly innovative and creative, get bored easily and like a challenge.
  • They like to learn as they go. They are hungry for information, new ways of thinking and are open to ideas and approaches.
  • They don’t want a formula or a “quick fix”. They get the complexities of change and navigating it turns them on – even when they’re exhausted.
  • They are high-achievers, driven and are frequently one step ahead of the pack.
  • They are intuitive and tend to trust their gut and listen to it regularly.
  • They have high standards and are very selective and discerning.

My clients don’t consider consulting “help”. To them it’s a partnership based on substance, mutual respect and complete trust.  They don’t hand over the reins of their leadership to me; they grab them more firmly with more confidence and commitment.

My clients lead. I ride shot gun. It’s a thing of beauty.