Samples of My Work

Here are some specific examples to give you a better sense of the consulting work I do with my clients:

The Maine Women’s Fund

I began my work with this Portland-based organization supporting the Fund’s incoming executive director as she made sense of the listening session data gathered from town hall meetings conducted across the state. Those core themes helped her to solidify a renewed vision and clear strategy for the Fund – both of which relied heavily upon an excited, informed and engaged community. Over the course of five years, I worked with the executive director to significantly widen the scope of engagement as well as revitalize the existing Fund community. I designed a 10-month curriculum for their New Girls’ Network program, created and designed a quarterly Women’s Leadership Series, and facilitated various community events and strategy sessions.

Koya Leadership Partners

I was contracted by the founder and president of this Boston-based  national retained search firm after a period of intense growth and productivity. Things were humming right along, and she was interested in taking stock of her recent success and determining what was needed to sustain both herself and her business moving forward. Through our work together, the president was able to ascertain her own personal needs in the context of a successful and rapidly growing business, thereby freeing her up to chart a course for Koya that looked beyond the existing resource constraints and its current capacities.

Coastal Studies for Girls

I was intially hired by the board chair and the executive director to facilitate a conversation among board members about the future of this sixteen-week science and leadership school for girls on the coast of Maine. At the time, the school was eighteen months away from opening its doors, and there were a number of significant challenges and questions to be addressed. The doors of the school successfully opened in February of 2010, and during that time I worked with the executive director and the key leadership team to create alignment, prioritize, and process the rapidly unfolding events that were involved in launching and welcoming this new school and its community. Since that time, I have worked directly with the girls as a visiting faculty member, teaching classes on women’s leadership and group dynamics.

Wohelo Camps

I was contracted by the co-directors of this fourth-generation family owned residential camp for girls on Sebago Lake in Maine because they were interested in exploring what their collective vision was for the camp. Having had a rich 100-year history, the camp is very well established and highly regarded among staff, campers and alumnae alike. The co-directors wanted to carve some time out of their off-season to give some deliberate thought to the vision and strategy for the camp as well as the legacy they personally wanted to leave as its fourth-generation leaders. In doing so, they ultimately widened the scope of their conversation to include staff, alumnae and parents of the camp and identified some new(er) language and core concepts that would support them in refreshing the look and feel of the communication, marketing materials and website moving forward.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women

My work with this organization began with a visioning and strategy session among the core leadership team comprised of the co-creators, board chair and executive director. At this point, they had already received numerous accolades and had established themselves as a highly credible organization, gaining a good deal of national exposure for the work that they were doing with girls. Poised for growth and acknowledging the increased demands on their limited staff, the team wanted to take a closer look at its choices and make some decisions about their strategy, structure, processes and resources so they could work more efficiently and effectively moving forward. My work eventually expanded to include working with the entire board at their annual retreat as well as designing curriculum and conducting group dynamics training to support the Muses in their facilitation of the hardiness zone curriculum with girls coalition groups.