About My Clients

Is this you?

  • You are a woman in your 30s to 50s who believes change is possible (on your good days) and is ready to take full responsibility for the direction of your life by making a concentrated investment in yourself
  • You are smart, perceptive and intuitive and are increasingly aware of a longing or a passion you want to activate in your life
  • Your friends, family and colleagues describe you as sassy, audacious, a spit-fire, courageous or inspiring
  • You alternate between terrified and confident, but are committed to living from your deep beliefs rather than your fears
  • You favor substance over superficial, and for that reason tend to be very discerning in your choices
  • You (and others) are tired of hearing you whine, make excuses and “play small”. You just want to do it (whatever “it” is for you)
  • Once you decide to do something, you generally jump in with both feet
  • You find swearing incredibly satisfying on occasion and are comfortable letting it rip
  • You have strong opinions, are decisive, relatively impatient, and tend to be a trail blazer, “mustang sally” or pioneer
  • You like to be challenged, mix things up, keep it lively and usually move quickly once you’ve made up your mind
  • You gravitate to words like “irreverent”, “bad ass“, “heretical”,”moxie” and “audacious”
  • You often feel like you’re alone or “the only” one having these thoughts and are craving a safe haven to address the thing you want so badly, it just won’t let you go

Imagine putting yourself at the top of (or even on) your to-do list. Imagine not waiting anymore. Imagine having the space to step into yourself and a guide by your side as you to say “yes” to your instincts, your intuition, your passion, your longing. Imagine changing yourself into a fuller, more vibrant and fulfilled version of yourself.

My clients can and do. I am their coach. Together we seek, stand, and listen. Is it your turn?