Free Sample Session

If you are at all curious about what coaching is or what you might get out of it, I encourage you to contact me about setting up a free half-hour sample coaching session. This is actual coaching, not a conversation about it or worse yet, a sales pitch about the benefits of coaching.

Once we set up a sample session, I typically e-mail you a few questions to consider prior to our call.  It is expected that you bring a topic to be coached on to our session, so these questions can very quickly help you surface one.

Sample sessions typically take 40 minutes total (5 to set context, 30 to be coached and 5 to answer questions).

The success of a coaching relationship is highly dependent upon the connection between coach and client.  The sample session tests the possibility of our relationship and will give both of us a chance to see what it would be like to work together and if, in fact, we want to.

In the event that we do not sense a good match, I have a whole network of coaches that I can tap into for a referral.  If it is evident there is no connection in a sample session, chances are another coach will come to mind who would be perfect and I will refer you to him/her.

You’ve got nothing to lose — and it’s all about you.

Contact me at or call me at 207.671.8936 to set up a free session.