What People Are Saying

Lael’s coaching never fails to rock my world. She pushes me to answer hard (and incredibly useful) questions about what I want from life — my career, my marriage, my free time — and helps me put those priorities into action. Specifically, Lael has helped me prepare for a salary negotiation that resulted in a 10% raise in the middle of a recession, successfully make the case for taking off one completely unscheduled day each month and resign a board membership that was no longer serving my needs. I treasure Lael’s lighthearted approach to life — as well as her incredibly serious dedication to nurturing women to inhabit ourselves more fully.”

“With Lael’s coaching, I’ve been able to open up the doors that were blocking forward movement. The layers of who I thought I was supposed to be have been peeled back, allowing for who I am to dance through. I couldn’t have done that without my powerhouse of a life coach beside me. Lael asks the hard questions, pushes when needed, then cheers right alongside in celebration of the discoveries that unfold. Lael’s intuition and support help light up the path you were meant to follow. Coaching is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.” 

“Just before meeting Lael, I was on the search for someone to ride shot gun with me as I began to write the next chapter of my life. Specifically, I was looking for clarity on what my next professional calling might / could be. I was having a difficult time getting out of my own way.

I was connected to Lael via one of my best female compadres. The business name She Changes was a bit of a red flag for me considering I am male, but I opened that door anyway. I had nothing to loose and I am so glad I did. More then anything else, I was looking to find a life coach who got me. Someone that could delve into the real me and help me remove the blinders that seemed to be fogging my outlook and approach to living a better life. When I met Lael, her energy immediately felt right. She was relaxed, real, genuine and equally open to figuring out if this was indeed the right fit for coaching. She was straight up, a zero bullshit kind of gal and that was exactly what I needed.

The experience for me was like nothing else I have experienced before. I had done a bit of therapy, but for me this process was far more effective. I was a bit hesitant and guarded at first, but I told myself to ride it out for the full 3 months and to try to open myself up to the unforeseen possibilities. Each session evolved into new spaces of self discovery from the previous. Although, at times, I had no idea where it was headed or what I was getting out of it. But by the end of the experience, the skies had cleared to a much brighter shade of blue and a new me was emerging. I felt stronger, more confident, more connected to the real me, and ready to take on the world without the weights that were causing me to drag my feet.

Lael does an amazing job at naturally steering the direction, but much of the path was laid by me, even if constructed from my unconscious. While my original goal was mostly to find my next professional path, there was something more satisfying, grounding and powerful that came to me during our sessions. I discovered I had a saboteur living on our shoulder, that was gnawing at me, holding me down, fueling my insecurities, and beating me back at every turn that showed promise. And what Lael helped me do was to take control of my saboteur and put him in his place. This new state of self awareness allowed me to focus on what was important. It allowed me to take risks and push things forward. It helped me to not be afraid of what might be, but instead just go for it. I am putting this new energy into practice and during the time together, and now beyond, I am putting the hammer down and making a better way for myself.

“Lael is a rock star to me. She motivated me, inspired me, fed me something intangible that allowed me to fire up the goodness that was buried within. Although Lael caters to the other sex, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending men to her. If you are ready to make a better way for yourself and having a tough time doing it on your own, I give Lael a full 5 star rating to ride that wave with you.”

“At age 43, I came to a point in my life when I sought some kind of change. A voice in my head kept asking, ‘Is this it?’ I was, thankfully, referred to Lael. With no prior experience with coaching, I was nervous and unsure about what to expect. She quickly put me at ease and by the end of the sample session, I was hooked! She is so skilled at ‘seeing the forest for the trees.’ What had eluded me for years in regards to my patterns, strengths, and excuses was quickly apparent to Lael. She is extremely intuitive, smart, funny and tough. She will hold you accountable for making changes and getting things done because, after all, that’s what you’re paying her for! Working with Lael was a life-changing experience and one I recommend to anyone looking for clarity in their personal of professional life.”

“Lael is…  well, the bomb!  Her coaching style put me at ease immediately, and presumably due to the discerning selection process she uses to assemble her client list, I feel like she “gets” me.  I find myself looking forward to each of our virtual meetings, excited to share what has happened since the last call and eager to take on whatever challenges she lays out for me before our next meeting.  I am struck by her persistence in being a stand for me, diligently, but gently guiding conversations to where they need to be.  She is able to navigate our explorations to actually get to the blocks that exist to moving forward in a particular area of my life versus dwelling on non-productive “noise.”  She is a bundle of yummy, sexy energy, who brings a smile to my face just thinking about her.  She is provacative and supportive AND, most importantly, through my work with her, I feel myself moving in the direction I want my life to go and achieving the results I want.  For that matter, through her insightful probing, I find myself getting clear on exactly what it is that I DO want in my world.  Through the well-designed and innovative action plans we develop, I am able to put in to reality some the theoretical conclusions we reach through Lael’s intuitive listening and resulting observations.  I adore her creative ideas for “playing” with a particular topic and reframing concepts in fun ways.  I have referred Lael to friends and will continue to do so, and I can rely on her to be the same stand for them as well, and, frankly, I am just proud to know her!”

“Lael has been an amazing coach for me. I’ve had coaches before and while they all had their special gifts and things they do well, Lael and I seemed to really connect. Lael is one of those people that you know you would be friends with. She is so genuine that I feel I can say anything to her. She listens, she doesn’t judge, and she makes me think about things in new ways. She doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it. She simply opens up the conversation in ways you never thought possible. She pushes you ever so gently to stretch yourself out of your box. She truly believes in me and has challenged me to figure out what my gifts are and use them in the world.”

“Lael is someone who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; she tells you what you need to hear. She is so open and authentic in her coaching style. I feel Lael really gets me and that’s not easy. I am a complex person (as is everyone) and she seems to truly want to peel back all the layers I build around myself and get to the core. So if you’re looking for someone to support you in staying where you are, Lael is not the coach for you. But if you’re looking for someone who is going to truly care about you, someone who is going to be honest with you, and someone who is going to hold your hand through thick and thin, Lael is that person. Lael helped me to realize that life can be messy and it’s okay to get messy. Working with Lael enabled me to open myself up to possibilities I never knew existed and as a result, I now know I can do anything I set my mind to do.”


“When I was first introduced to Lael and made the decision to work with her, I knew I was signing up for a pretty big investment.  I had no idea how much Lael would push me to really do just that – invest in myself.  The rewards have been priceless.  I have gotten to know myself better, to focus in on my priorities, to actively watch life unfolding before me, to just “be” with my children and to savor the present moment.  Something just “clicked” when Lael and I started our work together, and although Lael often challenges me to go beyond my comfort zone (she asks the tough questions!), coaching sessions with Lael have never felt like work.  It’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

“Working with Lael has been a great experience. She is a smart and resourceful guide, a skilled listener and has energy and enthusiasm that won’t quit. Her intuitive mind and caring nature enable Lael to relate to and understand her clients in a unique way. Throughout my time working with Lael, she “held up a mirror”, allowing me to see where I was and what my struggles were with greater clarity than I was able to see on my own. She is a fantastic taskmaster who kept me on track and held me accountable for the work I was doing. Lael applies just the right amount of pressure to keep up momentum without pushing too hard. It is an invaluable gift. Lael and I had a great connection, making it easy and fun to work together from the get go!”


“If given the opportunity, I will talk enthusiastically and extensively about my time life coaching with Lael. In the interest of efficiency, however, I need only reference Mary Poppins, to encapsulate my experience. Like the famed nanny, Lael gets to the heart of the matter, stays on task, AND has a great deal of fun while doing so. I showed up for each session wondering what she would pull out of her seemingly infinite carpet bag of tricks. Prior to working with her, thinking about making any life changes felt like soul searching drudgery. I was delighted to see that the process could be approached with a light hearted spirit, a healthy dose of humor, and gusts of happiness and possibility. To this day, I find myself regularly utilizing the various tools she shared from that bottomless carpet bag, while enjoying a proverbial “spoonful of sugar” alongside it!”

“In the flurry of daily work, it’s often difficult to step back. Lael’s coaching pushes me to take that step back and focus on long-term objectives. Her coaching style is direct and supportive, using questions to pull out the real from the perceived. She effortlessly weaves in techniques to make me see my work from different perspectives and gain more clarity on my job and goals. Thanks to Lael, I have become a more confident leader and manager while maintaining healthy time for life outside of work.”

“I came to Lael when I was at a crossroads in my life…somewhere between what I thought I should be doing versus what I really wanted to be doing. The decisions I needed to make seemed too dauting for me to consider and I knew I needed some help. Lael was an unbiased presence for me which was invaluable: from our first session I felt like somebody finally understood me and wasn’t questioning my judgement. Her conversations and assignments challenged me to learn to listen to my inner voice, and to use that inner voice to quiet the fears that were holding me back from taking a giant leap. Once I took that leap I was able to find the peace and happiness with myself that had been missing for a long time. I will always be grateful to have worked with Lael and I will not hesitate to call her again if the need arises.”

Lael gets me. She is a fierce and non-judgmental listener. Within the first few sessions she helped me to find clarity in my goals and really understand what I wanted to achieve and set a realistic plan to get there. I always look forward to our sessions and at the end of each feel a mixture of peace and energy that fuels me to get my work done.”

“Lael is gifted with an ability to quickly gather a depth and breadth of professional and personal information with ease. She quickly untangles this “ball of yarn” into strands of truth. In just a few sessions, I was able to focus on personal growth areas with very basic, easy to apply steps. Lael is naturally curious and intuitive and adeptly uses tools such as inquiries, symbols and persistance to get to the core issues. I highly recommend Lael to guide and coach you in your journey toward personal and professional growth.”


“Lael has a rare combination of skills that I have never seen so fully developed in one person.She gets people to look inside themselves. She takes complicated life problems and simplifies them with an uncanny ability to empathize and synthesize. She leads her clients to new realizations and greater self-awareness. She can bring insight, enthusiasm, and positive change to anyone’s life. Working with her is a gift.”

“Lael has the very unique combination of hard business expertise combined with deep understanding of the human condition, and how a person can and should thrive. She also has deeply powerful intuition that is grounded by an abundance of practical ideas. She ‘gets’ people, how they work, and how they can blossom. She also cuts straight to the core of an issue and encourages and challenges you to rise to the occasion and meet your highest goals. Her insight and ideas kept me motivated, empowered and very clear-headed so I was able to take myself, my career and my life to the next level. I recommend her highly and hope to work with her again!”

“I was introduced to Lael when I first transitioned into my role as director with a new organization. Through her guidance, I was able to assimilate my work life and personal life into a mold that will allow me grow and to succeed in my work at levels that I thought I could not attain. I would recommend her guidance to anyone who really is interested in taking the next step in personal and professional success.”

“In the few months that I worked with Lael, I was able to move past obstacles that had kept me stymied for years. The combination of Lael’s genuine enthusiasm for the vision I held for myself and the compassionate way she held me accountable to myself brought me farther down my path than I imagined possible. Through working with Lael, I moved more solidly into the center of my own life.  Lael’s sensitive coaching provided a hand to hold when the path got scary and dark, a cheer when I felt discouraged and overwhelmed, and a shining beacon of the promises and possibilities my life holds. Lael guided me toward a recognition of my truest, ever-changing self, and she provided me with priceless touchstones and mantras to return to should I ever lose my way. I am deeply grateful for her services.”

“Lael’s coaching was an experience that challenged me to support myself by exposing strengths I could not identify on my own but was able to unearth through my time with her. Lael’s counsel creates a space that is safe and full of trust allowing me to be vulnerable enough to see the other side of my pain and struggle. I feel blessed to have welcomed Lael into my life during a time of transition when I felt very lost and unable to find my way.  The tools we created through our exercises allow me to maintain a path in my life without anxiety and sadness.”

“I believe signing-up for coaching is making a commitment to yourself, and your deeper desires.  There is something about Lael as a person that makes this commitment to yourself seem entirely possible; that the world seems bigger than it has appeared before and that Lael can see you in this new place and space before you can completely put words to it yourself.  Working with Lael is an opportunity to engage sight, sound, words, visions, metaphors, mantras, energy, practical and magical everyday goals into a package that MOVES you.  She has made my coaching experience creative, productive, and thoughtful.”

Lael is the perfect mix of enthusiasm, authenticity and audacity. I was starting a new writing project and was very stuck about how to begin.  Lael helped me to think differently about my approach and to understand how my traditional strategies were holding me back.  She used a myriad of different techniques, visualizations and insightful questions to help me to look at the project from different angles and really was able to spark my creativity to take the work to the next level.  The combination of weekly coaching sessions and email check-ins really are really keeping me on track.  I find her both inspiring and just plain fun to work with.”

“As a newly promoted corporate leader I came to Lael with a myriad of objectives in mind. Well aware that my focus areas were extremely aggressive and seemingly unattainable in a mere 3 month coaching contract period, I decided to move ahead on full steam with the constant support and guidance of Lael. Not knowing what to expect of each coaching session and weeks that followed, I was constantly energized, motivated, encouraged, tested and challenged throughout the process. I was amazed at how Lael was able to identify the barriers that I had naturally set up to protect myself over the years, which once upon a time served me well but now were hindering my growth and potential. Lael’s incredible talent at gently and sometimes comically motivating a person into “getting out of their own wayhas proven to be a recipe for success in my relationship with her. Not only have we addressed all of the aggressive focus areas that we originally set out to do, we have also addressed additional topics/issues that I came across in day to day work and life experiences. All of which have established a fundamental shift in my thinking and being, both in business and in life in general. I confessed to Lael that though I have been successful in my estimation up until now, I have never been as truly happy as I am now, after my experience working with her. I never imagined how powerful a balance of work and home could be in all aspects of how one lives. Lael pointed me in the right direction and today, a mere three months later, I feel stronger, more confident, my outlook is positive, I am thinking strategically and innovatively and am just plain happy. I would emphatically recommend SheChanges expert coaching service to any corporate or business leader who is willing to really look at themselves and believe in “what could be” because with Lael there are no boundaries.”