Why Change?

You could easily not do anything. Sure, that’s always an option.

Except for that persistent tap-tap-tap that keeps trying to get your attention. Apparently it has a different plan. That’s the part of you – maybe it lives in your heart, your head or your body – that tells you there is another way. A better way.

It tells you there’s more. Much more for you.

The question is: how long do you want to ignore it?

The work I do with my clients is about honoring that urge. Together, we zero in on it, tune into it, hear what it has to say, and considering it might actually have a point.

Imagine putting yourself at the top of (or even on) your to-do list. Imagine not waiting anymore. Imagine having the space to step into yourself and a guide by your side as you to say “yes” to your instincts, your intuition, your passion, your longing. Imagine changing yourself into a fuller, more vibrant and fulfilled version of yourself.

My clients can and do. I am their coach. Together we seek, stand, and listen.

So are you ready to listen? I’m game if you are.