Live Experiences

“There is no more magic than sitting in a group, sharing experiences, and hearing one woman say, ‘No kidding, I thought I was the only one.'”     – Gloria Steinem

More and more, I hear the desire from clients to convene with other women—either socially or within a structured conversation. It feels as if women I’m encountering are hungry for some space, community and validation. The many women’s experiences I offer are my answer to that call.

“If you ever really want to understand deeply that to be a woman is to be magic, be in a circle of women.” – Alice Walker

On Being a Woman

This five-month circle series begins every fall and offers a quiet space in the heart of winter for busy women who are moving fast, juggling a lot and feeling “in the thick of it.” Women drawn to this circle are craving some space to catch their breath, do some thinking, take stock of their lives, and just be for a moment. This group coaching experience invites them to explore, stretch, and be held accountable, while also being witnessed, validated, and celebrated. Each circle of approximately five women is guided by monthly themes, a reader, coaching tools and exercises.

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In Her Words

These guided writing experiences occur every spring/summer and offer a structured process through which women actively engage themselves in meaningful inner dialogue, deep listening, and thoughtful decision-making. These experiences are ideal for women who feel stuck, congested or at a loss about what’s next for them, and are craving some clarity. Using self-reflection and three different approaches to writing (journaling, letter writing, and narrative) as our primary tools, these experiences invite women to mine for and explore the answers that might be laying just beneath the surface of our awareness.

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This speaking series is designed to celebrate and honor women – our power, perspective, voices, wisdom, stories and relevance. With distinct themes and hand-selected speakers, this evening event offers women an opportunity to pause, reflect and be inspired in an otherwise busy and full life. Leveraging the power of story, the intention of SheSpeaks is to create ripple effects among women that will speak to and nourish our souls, give us pause for thought, and have us plug in to ourselves and the wisdom of women.

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Workshops & Speaking

If you are an organizational leader or conference planner interested in engaging your community  in dynamic and relevant topics to women (or if you’re an individual looking to jumpstart your own personal development), look here to see the various offerings I bring as a workshop facilitator, conference presenter and speaker. I design customized learning experiences and presentations that are engaging, relevant, inspiring and actionable.

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Homecoming is a three-day women’s retreat in the fall that occurs on a beautiful lake in Southern Maine. It’s designed with the busy woman in mind, offering enough structure and choices to give you plenty of food for thought, but also lots of space and a boatload of permission to just blow it all off and fill your own days – or not. The retreat has happened every two years since 2008, and women have come to rely on it for their place to plug in, get grounded, find their mojo, and connect with some like-minded, amazing women.