In Her Words 2

So you’re ready for more, eh? Fabulous. And you’re so not alone.

Going through the initial five-week In Her Words experience does something for women – it slows them down, opens them up, plugs them in and turns up the volume on that quiet voice that has been trying to get their attention.

And when they come through to the other side, and the dust settles, they soon find themselves itchy to move, ready to make decisions, and take action on what that wise voice inside them revealed.

In Her Words 2 was designed to scratch that itch.

This experience is designed exclusively for women who have already made their way through the first 5-week In Her Words series. It’s a bit more accelerated – it’s 3 weeks, this time – because you’ve already ridden on that horse and you’re ready to get off the trail and out into big sky country.

It’s time. You’re primed and ready.

Yes, the thought of this might make you throw up in your mouth a little. Sure, you probably still have that love-hate relationship with structure and accountability – craving it and resisting it at the same time. That’s to be expected.

Because you’re about to write your way into action. Which will lead to change. And that can be scary.

Whatever it is that you’ve touched upon in your first In Her Words experience  – a dream, a truth, longing, a calling – you’re about to take it seriously. You’re about to take yourself seriously and that is cause for celebration – even in the face of nausea (I call these occasions “vomit moments”, when the scales of fear and doubt and ambivalence tip in favor of courage, commitment and curiosity.

So by now, you’ve got this process dialed in. You’re back in the saddle with writing. You’ve found your mojo. You know the drill each week. You’ve experienced the power of the Read Aloud and have successfully made it over the hurdle of sharing your words with a group of committed and courageous strangers doing the same.

You’ve tasted the sweetness of the truth that can flow out of your pen.

You can expect more of the same in your In Her Words 2 experience, but here’s the deal: we cut right to the chase from the get-go. It’s a bit more accelerated, in that there are only three weeks, but it’s designed to infuse each week with some rocket fuel in the form of bad-ass questions that leave little room to run, let alone hide.

Each week we do the same process you’re familiar with – selecting your question, writing from the 1st (journal), 2nd (correspondence) and 3rd (story) perspectives, and then the Read Aloud. Rinse and repeat x 3.

Week One: Facing
Plug back into, refresh, and clarify exactly what it is you’re looking at

Week Two: Daring
Name the change you are seeking to make

Week Three: Happening
Flush out the specifics that will support you in making it happen

After three weeks of writing, you will receive a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session with me where you’ll be invited to lock-in those delicious promises you made to yourself and solidify your decisions into some clear and concrete actions.

Details & Dates

  • Because the first In Her Words series is a prerequisite  to this experience , it is entirely likely you will already know most of the women in your In Her Words 2 group.
  • After registration, all participants will receive packets in the mail that will refresh the process and outline the weekly themes and questions.
  • There will not be an informational call prior to our first read aloud as you experienced in the first series. We get busy right out of the gate. That being said, we will make time as part of our check-in for introductions and updates to construct our community.
  • As we did in the first series, we will meet as a group (via conference call) every Tuesday night for one hour for our Real Aloud, where women will have the chance to read  segments of their writing  to acknowledge, celebrate and honor the work they’ve done. This is also the time we’ll be recalibrating the process/questions for the following week:

July 9th at 7:30 pm EST (read aloud Week 1, set up Week 2)
July 16th at 7:30 pm EST (read aloud Week 2, set up Week 3)
July 23th at 7:30 pm EST (read aloud Week 3, set up Week 4)

  • Cost: $325 for three-week experience plus materials and one 45-minute individual coaching session with Lael

This is it. You know the way. Step by step. Word by word.