SheSpeaks: Women’s Speaking Series

This speaking series is designed to celebrate and honor women – our power, perspectives, voices, wisdom, stories and relevance. Each of these evening events has a distinct theme and hand-selected speakers whose short talks will inspire, inform, and create a space for something new to emerge – an awareness, an idea, an appreciation, a connection, a commitment.

One Juicy Theme, Two Amazing Nights, Ten Brave Women

SheSpeaks 2018 = “Sovereign” 12.6 + 12.7

Ready to buy tickets? Click here to go to One Longfellow Square’s event page and get yours now. They’re on sale now and going fast! Note: Tickets are sold per show, so if you’re interested in attending both nights, please be sure to purchase two tickets—one for each evening. The list of speakers for each night and their descriptions are shown below.

New to SheSpeaks? This will be the 9th running of my live storytelling event, and will feature ten different women over the course of two different evenings. Each evening will be organized around the same theme, Sovereign, and I will serve as the emcee for both of them, doing my best to weave my own stories among my speakers featured that evening in service of illuminating our theme.

The women joining me up on stage each night are not professional storytellers, nor did they pitch an idea to me or audition for the part. In fact, most of them didn’t see me coming when I invited them. These are women who inspire and intrigue me—some I know personally, and some are completely new to me. But all of these women share one common thing: a feeling that now is the time to take the stage (even if they have no earthly clue what they’ll say up there at first…). Simply put: I want to hear the story that wants to be told through them, and I’m fairly certain I’m not alone. And therein lies the magic of SheSpeaks:

The stories told these two nights are not buffed and polished and rehearsed. They are messy and often unfinished, making them deliciously human and relatable. Photo credit: Ginger Soul PhotographySo join us this winter —for one night or for both—as we fill up the beautiful space of One Longfellow Square for two luscious nights in Portland with our big, beautiful and unapologetic energy.  Witness the power of stories told and lived. Be a part of it by catching what’s served up on stage that night, and I promise you will leave with some powerful energy, inspirational brew, and serendipitous mojo that has come to be the calling card of this event!

Feel free to check out some speakers from past events hereNote: Stories at SheSpeaks are no longer video or audio-taped, so what what you will see here are from older events held in a much smaller space. 

Winter 2018: Sovereign

Thursday, December 6th & Friday, December 7th, both events begin at 7:00 p.m.

One Longfellow Square
Portland, Maine

Purchase your tickets here at One Longfellow Square
Note: Tickets are sold per show, so if you’re interested in attending both nights, please be sure to purchase two tickets—one for each evening. The list of speakers for each night and their descriptions are shown below.

Ten women will take to the stage with me to share their stories of understanding and accessing their personal power, and will reveal the ways they have (or have not) assumed the throne of their life—having them stand out, be of service, and have impact. They’ll touch upon their glowing moments, hot messes of nasty, and varied experiences of courage, vulnerability, and rising to the occasion—and why all that is necessary and worth it to create the life they want for themselves, and change they want for our world.

The women of this SheSpeaks will offer perspective, inspiration and some good food for thought along with a few laughs. I will be the emcee of this event and will be weaving together their stories in the context of the topic of “Sovereign.” You will get to catch us.

Join us one night or both nights, and together we will rock this town. I promise you that.

And yes, men are more than welcome to attend this event! While it is an event to honor and celebrate women, the stories told this evening will be appreciated by and relevant to men and women alike.

There will be a cash bar that offers beer, wine and local baked treats. There will be a brief intermission after the fourth speaker before continuing on with the second half. Buying advance tickets for each evening is highly encouraged, as space is limited and this event typically sells out!

The TEN women of this year’s TWO SheSpeaks evenings are…


What is hidden in the subtext of what I’m saying to and about myself? Where am I resisting hearing what’s not being said aloud? Anne is no stranger to listening to what lurks in the shadows and coaxing it into the light of day—in fact, it’s where she’s most comfortable. And yet, she has this distinct sense she has been denying a part of herself. Anne’s story will shine a light on how magic and divinity can find us even in the face of our own resistance—having us access a deeper level of peace in a world of discord.

If I’m no longer a girl and not yet a woman…then what am I? Who are we without the boxes that define our age, our gender, our identity? Louisa is keenly aware of how much thinking is done around our power and what makes us powerful. And yet, she knows that when she shows up and doesn’t think about how she’s perceived…that’s when she personally feels most powerful. Louisa’s story will touch upon the power of alignment when we use our body as our primary compass.

How have I disconnected from the ability to access the creative depths within myself? What is it about becoming a mother that has caused me to lose sight of the most powerful portals into my being? Corinne is grappling with these questions as she finds her way back to her energetic source—where she used to swim freely with unapologetic entitlement. Corinne’s story will lift the veil on the ways we honor and abandon ourselves in this thing we call life.

How is it I can barely hear the far-off whispers of my ancestors anymore? How have I let myself lose sight of their language and ways of barefoot walking in order to move through my days in these man-made shoes? Lyn has spent most of her life alternately fighting and holding space—for herself and others—with these questions. And yet, there is a hunger compelling her. Lyn’s story will touch upon the power that continues to rise up in us—even when we’re bone tired and have lost hope.

How would my deepest self unfold if I were given the space to be whole? Who would I be? How would I express my highest self in the world—from my depths, to the clothes on my surface? This is the place and space Nadine is seeking to root and rise more fully into her own life—and our world. Nadine’s story will explore how expressing the spirit that lives under her own skin means a deep reckoning with what it’s like to show ourselves in a society that doesn’t leave room for naked.


What will I be when I finally grow up? What does it even mean to be a grown up? These are some of the questions Ashley is holding for herself inside her chrysalis—that place of purposeful hibernation…and eternal waiting that can have us feel like we are not ready, not enough, not done. Vulnerable. Ashley’s story will shine a light on the stories we tell ourselves about life and living, and in doing so, will explore some alternatives that would have us set ourselves free sooner than later.

Who am I beyond the roles I play in my life? What are the things that bring me joy, and when will I have time to figure that out? Rosa feels like much of her life she’s been on the hunt to find out—chasing down answers that feel like they keep moving. As a result, she’s noticing her trajectory through life has been anything but straight, leading her from here to there. Rosa’s story will explore the weighty realities of time as it relates to a burning desire to be present and lifts ourselves up.

You’re being too dramatic. That’s not what he meant. Can’t you ever learn to shut up? Molly hears on a daily basis and she’s realizing the only thing these aim to do is to silence her—dismissing her voice and discounting her perspective. So now she’s keen on accessing and listening to her own inner voice—the one that lives in her gut and is capable of guiding her if she trusts it. Molly’s story will shine a light on how our greatest power can be found in the moments we are most uncomfortable.

What are my beliefs about myself…and do I actually believe them? Are they limiting?  What do I see when I rewind my own tapes and look at myself in the context of who I am—not in the context of what others around me believe? These are the places Robin is exploring as she seeks to deepen her expression of her own authentic self. Robin’s story will reveal the powerful investment in self that comes when we align more wholly and unapologetically with the stuff that makes us who we are.

VIRGINIA DEARANI ~ THE WHALE RIDERPhoto credit: Andrew Cantillo, The Maine Magazine
What have I been taught about playing the game and how does it impact my work in the world? How do I find my own divine way in the midst of such a loud world? Virginia is sitting with these as she’s finding herself—and us—in transition between here and there. She knows she is being called to show up differently, but it feels just outside her inner awareness.  Virginia’s story will shine a light on how undoing and unbecoming can reveal a new way of being.

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The Women of Past SheSpeaks

December 2017: Life In The Arena
Elizabeth Walker – The Broken Bits
Adilah Muhammad – Bleeding On The Sheets
Donna Galluzzo – Coming Full Circle
Shay Stewart Bouley – The Person Behind The Person
Marsha Greenberg – Off The Mark
Kimberly Baker Simms – Her Gift To Me

December 2016: A Living Prayer 
EJ Lab – I Am The And
Lisa Whited – Doubling Up
Noel Gallagher – A Stew of Shame
Jeanne Handy – Our Bodies Are Holy
Pamela Otunnu – A Stand For Why
Molly Simmons – Liminal Living

May 2014: Sourcing 
Susan Fekety – The Wing Flapping Stage
Kate Davis – The Strategy of Magic
Charlotte Bacon – The Alchemy of Anger
Erin Oldham – The Courage To Hold My Heart
Donna Desilets – Salty Tears, Salty Sea

December 2013: Harbinger
Johnna Major – Breaking Free From My Fortress
Molly Tarleton – Moving Into Fluid
Molly Simmons – The People At My Table
Becky Carpenter – Saying What I Do Believe
Shannon Bryan – Getting Ready For My Shit Show

May 2013: Rebel Yell
Pam Erickson – Finding My Inner Helga
Shannara Gillman – Being a Badass For Good
Noel Gallagher – Calling The Dogs Home
Erica Labb – Packaging My Truth In Love
Josephina Gasca – Bigger Than I Think I Am

December 2012: Mojo Risin’
Mish Morgenstern: An Antidote to Impatience
Denise Jay: Finding My Faith When the Dock Is Shaking
Katy Park: Taking Up A Shitload of Space
Danielle Madore: Choosing Not To Dance
Elizabeth DeSwarte: From Tragic to Magic

April 2012: Rites of Passage
Jen Cohen: The Pressure From A Grain Of Sand
Donna Galluzzo: Letting Go Into Love
Jeanne Handy: It’s Not Always Pretty
Jeanne Thompson: The Force Within Me
Ellen Murphy: Being True To The Process

October 2012: Honoring
Jessica Esch – The Journey To Asking
Shay Stewart Bouley -Letting It Rip
Monique Barrett – The Power of Unlocking Ourselves
Lee Farrington – Life On A Curve
Karen Wyman – Free-Falling Into The Unknown