Workshops & Speaking

If you are an organizational leader or conference planner interested in engaging your community in topics relevant to women, look here to see the various offerings I bring as a workshop facilitator, conference presenter and speaker. I design customized learning experiences and presentations that are engaging, inspiring and actionable.

Women’s Leadership

Customized workshops, presentations and facilitated discussions designed to create more awareness, deepen appreciation and invite women of all sectors to more fully leverage their innate skills and instincts as women leaders. These sessions incorporate the latest research , statistics and resources that underscore the competitive advantage that women bring to the workplace as leaders.

Lael’s personal experience and stories deeply resonated with my own as a leader. I really appreciated the references to reading materials and books – very helpful. I left this class feeling better about myself and my ability to be a leader and appreciated the opportunity to see myself as the leader I already am.”

Group Dynamics & Facilitation

Interactive learning experiences for the novice as well as the seasoned facilitator of groups, meetings and larger systems. The focus of these sessions is on understanding personal impact, appreciating the development and dynamics, and more effectively “reading” and intervening with a group to better serve its outcomes.

“I have a much clearer understanding of my role as a facilitator and I’m not as afraid of not doing it right. I am feeling much more confident. Lael was great – not only did she provide some great information and tools, but watching her facilitate was very helpful.”

The Culture of Women

Group dialogues and learning forums designed to explore the unique perspectives we bring as women.  Looking through the lens of the archetypal feminine to offer context and insight our values and principles, women examine their relationship to power, voice, personal sustainability, and how women can use our networks and innate abilities to support each other more effectively in the workplace and in life.

“I was able to share my opinions, challenges and discoveries with a judgement-free sounding board of supportive women.  Lael’s facilitation inspired me to find a deeper understanding of myself.”

Navigating Work/Life Integration

Workshops and group discussions specifically designed with the busy working woman in mind. Topics range from navigating maternity leaves, opting-out of the workplace, and creating time for ourselves in the context of all our other roles.

“Lael was an absolute gem to listen to… she was informative, engaging and extremely knowledgeable.”