My Books

Writing is a way I figure myself out. It’s also where I feel most connected—to myself, to the divine, to my clients, and to the larger audience of women in SheChanges.

My real aim is to weave together stories, insights and stuff I’ve gathered as a means to make sense of my world. I happen to do this in a public way because it works for me. Sometimes it’s an Instagram post that reads more like a mini-story, sometimes it’s a blog post, and sometimes it’s a book.

Knowing that someone will be “catching” what I’ve written holds me accountable to actually getting it OUT, and the resonance I hear and feel when something lands over there with you keeps me curious and digging around inside myself and our world for more.

I feel deeply nourished when I write—whether it’s sorting it out in my head on a run, scribbling on bits of paper I find on the floor of my Jeep, mapping it out in the notebooks I am forever carrying around with me, or typing into my laptop late at night.

A woman who interviewed me once said it best: It seems that she never stops thinking, considering, fitting pieces together.

Writing books is a deeper dive process—it’s intensely personal, thoroughly consuming, and really loud (I make noises like I did in labor with my sons—I swear, I rant, I moan). It’s always worth it when it’s done and out. I won’t readily admit this when I’m right in the thick of it—rather like running or childbirth—but having now written two, it’s undeniably true.

After each one, there is this immense exhale, and then I let my fields go fallow. Until I feel the beginning of the next one in my soil and it starts to take root.

Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer (2015)

This is the book where I figured out what being a whole woman in the world looks and

feels like to me—without apologizing, defending, explaining, denying or feeling crazy, selfish, embarrassed or guilty. This is where I teased apart all the stories I had been told and scripts I had been given (and written) about what it means to be a woman, held them up against my own lived experiences, and got to the heart of my own beliefs.

For too long I had felt like not enough or too much. I felt like I was trying to play the game, but could never win. I felt like I was working hard chasing something, but would arrive there (wherever “there” was…).

So I met myself right where I was, and had a bit of a reckoning with two distinct energies inside myself that were fighting like unruly siblings in the backseat of my car—one was the robust and loud (the masculine), the other was nearly invisible and quiet (the feminine). The first I shamed, and the second I silenced.

Because I wanted all of me. This was the book where I figured out how that looks—embodied—on my terms, in my own way, in this one life.

You can pick up your copy here or at other major booksellers on-line, as well as local bookstores in Portland, Maine.

Ignite: Lighting The Leader Fire (2019)

My second book is where I go in and get at how all that (above) informs who I am as a leader. This is where I tell the story I’ve never told myself—about who I am, how I show up, and what happens as a result. This is where I explore what it looks like when I do me with wild abandon in the world. This is where I name and claim who I am as a leader and how that intersects with me being a woman.

It’s also the place I weave in the stories of hundreds women that I’ve worked with over the years that have helped me to see that I’m not alone—or crazy—for doing what I do the way I do it, for moving the way I move, for leading from my fire and not just mindlessly following the stale operating instructions that run through my head—the shoulds, the havetos, the way it is.

This is where I light a campfire for myself, and then invite all of you to join me, painting a picture of what might be possible for us all if more women lit their home fires more brightly and said “follow me.”

Signed copies of Ignite are available locally at Print Books and Sherman’s Bookstore here in Portland, Maine and it’s also available (paperback and Kindle versions) at on-line book sellers.

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