New Here?

I’m Lael. I’m so glad you’re here.

If this is your first time to time to SheChanges, lean in close, sister, and I’ll share with you all the ways this space can nourish your soul!

It’s just me, Lael.

I’ve been in business since 2015, and all of that time it’s just been me and my hugely creative and entrepreneurial spirit over here behind the curtain of SheChanges. If you call, email or reach out to me over social media, I’m the one you’ll be reaching. Directly.

If you want to know why that is, feel free to dig a little deeper and read more about my story and background.

I love the directness and intimacy of my business—whether it’s working with one-on-one with my clients or with a large audience, you’ll often hear me say, “It’s just us chickens in here”, because I believe in keeping it real and am not one for formalities or putting on fancy aires. If you ever visit my office (affectionately referred to as my “pirate ship”), you’ll see there’s a sign when you enter that reads, “We kick off our shoes here”, which is both a literal and a figurative invitation to all who visit.

There is also wall with five phrases on it in silver—you can see it behind my shoulder in this photo of me—that help to inspire and frame how we show up to SheChanges, be it me, you or the two of us together.

We keep it real here.
We trust deeply here.
We are brave here.
We figure it out here.
We go for it here.

My work has been described many ways over the years, but there are some key words and phrases that consistently appear in people’s experience of me—electric, light a fire, inspiring, no bullshit, get to the heart of it, put into words, call me on my excuses, make sense of chaos, refreshing, feel gotten, challenge my thoughts, insightful, safe—like I can say anything, luminous, exuberant, unapologetic.

Read that list and you will get sense of my personality and who I am, sure, but you’ll also get a sense of how I show up and why people seek me out—or don’t.

And speaking of that, let’s talk about how you might interact with me and my business, shall we? You and I will find our own way to dance if we’re meant to intersect, but here’s a look at three of the most common approaches:

The Audience Experience —Inspiration, Validation + Fresh Perspective

A number of people meet me for the first time at SheSpeaks because their friend insisted they come to this annual event—and then they wonder how it is it took them so long to find me because they feel immediately at home. Still others will have read my first book (my second book will be out Fall 2019!) blog posts or Instagram stories and feel like they know me or that we have a relationship when, in fact, we’ve never met. I take all of this as high praise and a deep honor. Ripple effects excite me to no end and I never tire of hearing about of them, even if you and I will never actually meet in person.

One-on-One Work —Getting Unstuck + Creating Movement

Lael Couper JepsonI work nationally with a select group of women for one-on-one sessions. I say “select” because I’m not everybody’s cup of tea and I only see these clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week, so space is limited. My clients and I are very intentional and deliberate about seeking each other out and there is often a crackerjack referral or serendipity at work to make that happen. The timing and fit for this work has to feel just right to both of us, as neither my clients nor I are big fans of wasting time or lilly-dipping around. Many of my one-on-one clients are senior corporate leaders—and are either looking to unleash themselves more fully (and move up) or to ditch the game and move out (we call this jumping ship). I also have clients who left the traditional track to start their own business and want to show up to that endeavor in bigger and bolder ways. Whether they are inside an organization, have their own business or are reconfiguring all that in the context of having a life change, all of my clients possess an huge entrepreneurial spirit and are hungry for more, even if they are busy and full as is. This one-on-one work I do with women has been called a lot of different things over the years, but it’s really a delicious mashup of coaching, consulting, storytelling and midwifery for badasses I’ve honed over the years. A sample session with me is the best way to see if we’re meant to do some of this work together.

Finding Your People—Small Groups + Kindred-Spirit Community

Whether people start by engaging directly with me in one-on-one work and then make their way out to all the other work I do, or if their initial introduction to me is through audience participation, many of them often make their way here because they’re hungry for more—be it inspiration, validation or connection with people who feel like they just GET them immediately—without explanation, apology or a lot of preamble. Keep in mind, most people who are drawn to me are seeking to create change for themselves (and our world), so a lot of times they are hungry to commune with other brave souls so they don’t feel so alone…”out there” or crazy. If this is where you are, check out some of the women’s circles I do either in person or over the phone. Because I work nationally, and a lot of my clients and community are not local to Portland, Maine, my focus over will be growing my on-line offerings over the next year to expand my ability to connect with them, so stay tuned for more on that.

Okay then! There’s a little flyby of the land of SheChanges! Feel free to check out my Frequently Asked Questions page if you want to get a bit more intel, or just have a look around! What’s mine is yours, woman, so welcome!