Recalibrating Sessions for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to appreciate just how lonely  and overwhelming it can feel running your own business – even in the best of times, when you’re riding high.

At any one moment, you are responsible for marketing, technology, human resources, legal, finance, research and development, facilities, and operations. Oh, and most of you have a life outside your work (which is one of the reasons you became an entrepreneur, right?), with family, friends and things that have nothing to do with your business.

It’s all you – or maybe it’s you with a few trusted partners. But most days it feels like it’s all you.

I get that. I get that every connection, every event, every exchange becomes an opportunity to reinforce your brand, to enlist a new customer or client, and to promote your business in the community.

It’s hard to know who to talk to on those days when your honest reaction to “How’s your business going?” is: “Good, but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up” or “Good, but I feel like I’m working really hard and I’m still not getting it all done…paying myself enough…or having the impact I know I can have.”

It’s hard to know who to talk to when you’ve hit your stride as an entrepreneur, but you sense there is still more for you – especially when you feel like you’re already at capacity with regard to your time, resources and energy.

That’s why I created these recalibrating sessions for women entrepreneurs.

These one-on-one sessions create that safe space for a business owner – individually or with their business partner(s) – to do an organizational “stop, drop, and roll”. In private, with just me as your guide and witness.

I bring my full tool-kit as a consultant to these sessions and lean heavily into my skills as a coach with regard to listening intently, leveraging what you already know about yourself and your business, and holding you accountable to what you want.

You bring what you’ve got – not necessarily the spreadsheets, statistics and data (although those are helpful), but the information, insights and intuition that live within you. We use that the most. We keep it real and let it be what it is – confusing, contrary and messy, or clear, obvious and exciting. It’s all good and welcome.

Recalibration sessions are highly customized to meet the specific needs of each business owner, and we decide in advance how you want to use them. They do, however, tend to follow a predictable flow of topics over the course of four distinct 90-minute sessions:

Session One: Orienting

We begin by examining where you are in your business to date – what you set out to do and what you’re actually doing, your levels of happiness and fulfillment, your observations and learnings, your investments of time and money, and the return it’s giving you. We’ll create a fuller picture of your business by factoring in the feedback you’ve been given, what feels effortless, and what feels draining. We’ll overlay you and your life onto this picture and make note of what you like, what concerns you and what’s missing.

Session Two: Envisioning

This is where we’ll zoom in on what you really want for yourself in the context of the work you do in the world. We’ll look at those “sweet spots” of convergence where the work you do feels easy and natural, and is consistently being met with success. We’ll make note of the messages you’re receiving, the itches you want to scratch and the places and opportunities you’re opening up to. We’ll explore those juicy ideas you’ve been chewing on, and see which ones light you up. We’ll expand your notions of what’s possible and call your bluff on where you’re playing small and keeping it safe. This is the place of dreaming big and calling it in.

Session Three: Recalibrating

This is the place where the rubber meets the road. We’ll look at where you are in relation to where you want to be and we’ll start to identify ways to close that gap and move toward what you envision. On a very concrete level, we’ll set you up for success with your intentions by looking at the priorities, choices, and expectations that will best support you. We’ll boil it all down to its essence, revealing what you’ll be letting go of in this next chapter and what will be taking center stage. Finally, we’ll examine all this in the context of you living your life, integrating your recalibrated vision for yourself professionally so that it aligns with your life as a whole.

Session Four: Sustaining

This final session generally occurs two to three months after the third session. The space in between this session and the last one allows the sediment from your work to settle a bit, affording you the chance to reflect on your decisions, take action, play with new perspectives, and implement some of the practices you elected to put in place. We come back together in this final session to check-in on what is working, what’s not, what’s missing, and what needs refinement as a result.

Does this speak to you? Is it time to recalibrate?

Recalibration sessions are ideally suited to those business owners who have been in operation for at least two to five years, but they may appeal to others as well. You need not know exactly what you want or where you’re headed in order to engage in these sessions (in fact, that’s often the point of them…to find out). Most of my clients often have this vague sense of unrest – some having arrived at a plateau in their business, and some feeling as if they are approaching a new chapter, but they’re not entirely clear on what it looks like.

You get to determine the frequency with which these sessions occur based on the needs and schedule of your business. That being said, my entrepreneurial clients tend to have a “get it done” mentality, preferring to place these 90-minute sessions no more than two to three weeks apart to ensure they stay focused and make the best use of their time while they have it.

If you are a woman entrepreneur and these sessions are calling out to you, feel free to contact me to get more detailed information and see if they might be a good fit for you.