SheWolves: A Deeper Dive

If you’ve found your way to this page, then you are most likely part of a select group of women who have already participated in my On Being A Woman experience I’ve offered to nearly 100 women over the past ten years.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, WELCOME! And… you might want to start here, as SheWolves is intended for women who have already participated in that first circle experience.

SheWolves was born out of my own personal hunger for a deeper level of conversation with myself—in the company of other women interested in going deeper within themselves. Why? Because for me, the deeper the better these days when it comes to self-awareness, understanding, perspective, insight, reflection, listening, honoring, connecting—with myself and others….you know what I’m talking about.

You also know what you moved through in your first circle experience with me—the what-have-I-gotten-myself-into concerns, the I-don’t-typically-do-this-sort-of-thing hesitations, the have-I-said-too-much woes, the do-I-belong-here dabbling, the what-does-being-a-woman-have-to-do-with-anything resistance… The vulnerability of being yourself with other women. The awkwardness of dropping down into that space of trusting. The fear of not fitting in or belonging.

You made it through all that shit, woman. Remember that? 

Do you also remember what was there waiting for you on the other side of that gauntlet of shit?

That feeling of not being so alone or crazy.
That sense of community and sisterhood—even without needing to be “friends”
That sensation of just being with whatever was coming up, instead of someone trying to fix you, rescue you, or soothe you.
That sacred space that we accessed together each time we met—where we sort of dropped down underneath ourselves, our circumstances, the noise?

Yea, that stuff. Me, too.

The SheWolves circle is designed to meet you there—below the crusty outer shell of resistance that you know to expect and move through with more ease and grace, outside of the noise of our own busy lives and our chaotic world, into the rich loamy center of a sacred women’s space that you already know how to be with your bones. Because you’ve tasted it already, and you know your way home.

The intention of this circle is simple—and timely:

Deep nourishment in a time many of us are depleted.
Deep connection in a time so many of us feel alone and isolated.
Deep listening in a time so many of us are saturated and over-stimulated.
Deep illumination in a time so many of us are moving through deep darkness.
Deep inspiration in a time so many of us are feeling called to be more fully in service.

Me, too. Me, too.

So here’s how it will look. Just like the first circle you experienced, we’ll meet one Tuesday evening (6:30-830) a month throughout the dark of this winter, from November to March. We’ll come together in circle just as we are—because isn’t that truly enough?—and we’ll trust each other to get our own needs met, however that looks. For some of you, it might be a refreshing structure that offers some rigor and accountability to do some work you’ve been wanting to do for yourself. For others, it might be more about community and engaging with some new people in your life as witnesses to where you are now and supporters of where you see yourself heading. There will be others who don’t know why they want to be a part of this experience, and we’ll trust in that, too, because serendipity is a welcome member of this circle, and we know Her well by now.

So without further ado, here are the dates and topics of this year’s SheWolves circle. Our circle is now full, so welcome. And if you’re finding your way to this page and are just hearing about it now, please reach out to me directly so we can talk more about your participation in this circle in the future.

November 12, 2019
Forces of Nature: Creating Intentional Space

This first group will be a chance for us to acknowledge what a radical act it can be to simply pause in our busy lives. Knowing that most women are drawn to this circle because “I just know I needed to be here”, we will take our sweet time reflecting on and sharing the intentions that drew us to this experience, just as we did your first time in circle. In this way, we will co-create our very own “red tent”, that archetypal place that houses the collective of women’s wisdom. In clarifying our own thoughts and hearing the experiences of others, we will begin to appreciate how we are not as alone as we might have imagined.   From this place of wisdom and knowing, we will give voice to our specific intentions for this five-month journey – individually and collectively – and what we hope to create as a result.

December 10, 2019
Rooting & Rising: Homing + Living Our Prayers

For many of us, our “usual tricks” we use to center and ground ourselves aren’t quite cutting it in these times of prevailing winds and natural (and man made) storms. We’ll share and explore how being a woman feels relevant to these times, especially as it intersects with the natural world and women’s bodies. We’ll touch upon lineage of women ancestors and what that means, as well as the sisterhood and our experience of it.  Using archetypal stories of the feminine, as well as our awareness of the masculine —in ourselves and in our world–we’ll seek to deepen our connection to that ancient wisdom in our women’s bones, and have that inform where we are being led. And where we are being called to lead.

January 7, 2020
Intersections: Playing With The Web of Connectivity

As women, we are inherently wild creatures familiar with chaos and mess, often seeing (and sensing and feeling) how everything is connected. And yet we live in a world that values order, and creates boxes that seek to contain and keep things tidy. This month’s conversation will give us open space to play with the various connections and interdependencies and intersections we carry in our hearts and minds and bodies. Using a spider’s web as our inspiration, we will—individually and collectively—tease apart and play with the mess and chaos, not as a means to solve and fix it, but to create some illumination of the web as a whole versus seeing it as a collection of the parts. 

February 4, 2020
Working Our Magic: Making It Real

In this fourth group, we will explore what “magic” means to us and how we experience it, hold it, and use it in our lives.  We’ll intentionally engage taboo and non-traditional topics for women such as being a witch, women’s power, being too much, our sexuality, our bodies as instruments, and our fear of being burned at the stake. We’ll dig into to the roots of these knowings, not to talk ourselves out of it or as an intellectual exercise, but as a means to deeply honor what is true and real for us as modern women. We’ll explore how we contribute to devaluing that which we believe, and what it would look like—individually and collectively—if we were to bring more reverence to our magic as women. At the heart of this conversation, we’ll examine how this topic is relevant today and why it matters to us as the women of tomorrow. 

March 3, 2020
Medicine: Standing + Staying In The Fire

In this increasingly chaotic and violent world we find ourselves in, we will recognize the need to be “selfish” as critical to our health and our work in the world, seeking to connect it with a desire to be of service. We’ll explore our fears of seeming “full of ourselves” and how that fear of arrogance often has us feel “too much” and retreat or pull back to the familiar land of “not enough”. We’ll explore love as a tool of engagement that comes from a different place and space than “fighting” for what we believe in. As we seek to close out this five month circle experience, we will clarify what matters to us now, recognizing the critical role we play as women – literally or figuratively – in conception, incubation and birth, and we’ll seek to more fully understand how taking care of our selves is actually taking care of others and taking care of the world.

Logistics & Cost

Meets Tuesday evenings on the dates listed above at SheChanges in Portland, Maine
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $550 for series of five circles (yes, monthly payment options are available)

For more specifics about how the circle is run and what you can expect contact Lael to see if this circle is a good fit for you.