About Coaching

Posted January 20th, 2012

Coaching can occur either over the phone or in person. The flexibility of these two options enables clients to engage in coaching while on the road or working from home. As a coach based out of New England, it allows me the gift of working with clients from all over the country. For those clients who prefer face-to-face sessions, I conduct sessions in my home office in Portland.

Prior to engaging in a formal coaching relationship, you may get an idea of what coaching looks like and who I am as a coach by scheduling a sample session with me. This ½ hour session is free with no obligation to extend to additional coaching sessions.

After expressing interest in starting a coaching relationship, I will send you a coaching agreement, ethics statement, and discovery form to be completed and returned to me prior to our first meeting.

I conduct an initial “discovery” session (2 hours) as the first step in the coaching process. At this time, we design our relationship and discuss your responses on the discovery form. Together, we clarify values, what you want for yourself and why you are coming to coaching. We also establish clear goals and expectations for the coaching sessions. This session is critical to the success of coaching in that it sets the foundation for our relationship – it lets me know how to be as your coach and helps me to hold your agenda if/when you start to stray.

Coaching sessions then begin the following week. Coaching is paid for by the month and includes 1.5 hours of coaching. You are able to select your preferred frequency/duration – either three ½-hour or two 45-minute sessions per month. These coaching sessions are initiated by you at the time of your appointment.

It is essential that you continue to benefit from these coaching sessions and get what you need. To that end, I will be soliciting feedback from you periodically to check in with you on how things are working, ensure alignment and clarify expectations.

One-On-One Coaching

Posted January 20th, 2012

Coaching is a powerful way to create structure, awareness, momentum and action for change.  It’s not about having a conversation or talking hypothetically.  It’s about being very intentional and looking inside yourself with a laser-sharp focus.  It’s about honoring the longing and hunger for a more fulfilling life.  It’s about asking yourself the really hard questions and truly listening to the answers.

To enter into a coaching relationship is to take responsibility for creating the life you want and actively choosing how you want to BE in this life.  Coaching is also about being in the experience of it all—literally witnessing your own courage, vulnerability, strength and growth, and stretching with the experience.   Ultimately, it affords people the chance to slow down, take a breath, and then go forward much faster and with much more clarity, conviction and self-reliance.

As a coach, my sole responsibility is to create a safe and courageous space for you to explore, discover, dream, and take action toward your most magnificent life – the one waiting for you to claim it.  I spend a lot of time at the start of a coaching relationship learning just how to do this for you.  In this way, coaching is a very customized experience. It’s all about you.

The nature of my coaching technique is forward-moving and future-focused. At the same time, we make space for you to fully experience the present moment of your life and “deepen the learning” of those experiences.   The coaching conversation concentrates both on where you are now as well as where you are headed. Together, we call forth those parts of you that are itching to burst into the light to give you the juice, fullness and joy of life.

Unlike therapy or other practitioners, coaching is not about revisiting the past or “fixing” the parts of you that need attention.  In fact, coaching presumes you are not broken, but perfect and whole just as you are.  As your coach, my job is to help guide you back to yourself—to your powerful and pure essence that knows the truth and has everything you need.  It may be buried under the chaos and clutter of circumstances of “shoulds, coulds, and have-tos,” but it’s there just waiting for you.

Change for Your Life

Posted January 20th, 2012

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